Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Few Skating and Random Pictures

Below are a few pictures and videos of us skating the past 2 weeks.  The kids are continuing to progress and are each getting more and more comfortable skating on their own!

Zach chasing his Mum with no skating aid
Skating with Big Poppa
Taking a break on the bench with Mum
Taking Zach for a ride
Big smiles from Zach
Abby showing off her Oiler Donut at Tim's after skating
Zach LOVED this donut! First bite: Oiler symbol!

Zach skating super fast with the skating aid
Zach skating on his own
  Abby racing with her Dad
Abby cruising around the rink
Abby letting her brother win a race. She is SO awesome and caring and encouraging!

Last weekend we went over to my Mom and Dad's for a birthday celebration for Susan, Chrissy and I.  Here are a few pictures and funny videos

 They actually DO love each other! They are sitting in the playroom watching TV with Ally

Steve and I pulled down Dad's Pittsburgh Steelers helmet to play with.  We first tried putting it on Zach and it was a little small so Steve and I HAD to try and get it on...

 Steve looking like a real Pro Football player
Steve finally getting the helmet off 
 My turn.  They easy part was getting the helmet on.  The hard part? Getting it off...
 Looking good Big B
 This hurt so bad!

Finally this past Friday night Sue and the girls came over to hang out while Steve was at his school's track meet.
 "Go Oilers Go" ~ Ally
 Abs and Zach checking Uncle Burke on my new X-Box I got for my birthday
Sue re-dyed my hair pink. Just a touch up before the Massacure on February 3rd.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy Birthday B!!

Happy Birthday to the most amazing husband and father!

We love you!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Going Pink To Beat Cancer

Hi all,
As most of you know, last year I dyed my hair pink and raised money to go towards beating cancer.  I was so moved and inspired during the event that I have decided to do it again this year with a couple of changes. 
1. This year I have grown my hair out so the shaving will be, let's say, a little more dramatic.
2. I have a brand new team raising money with me.  We have called ourselves: "Going Pink to beat cancer". Chrissy is donating at least 12 inches of her hair and Steve and I are going pink for a month and shaving our heads. Help us raise some money to beat cancer! Thanks in advance for all your generous donations!
Below is a picture of Chrissy, Steve and I with our sweet new Pink hair and then a little about the Hair Massacure.  Then there is a link which you can click that will take you to our Team fundraising page where you can donate to the cause.

We are registered participants in Hair Massacure ® 2012 which will take place on February 3 in Edmonton, and February 18 in Red Deer. All funds raised from this event will be shared between the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation ® (Pediatric Oncology), Make-A-Wish ® Northern Alberta and the Ronald McDonald House ® Northern Alberta. My goal is to raise through pledges and any donations over $25 will receive a tax receipt.
Our Team Goal is to raise $3,500.00!
To make your pledge on our Team online fundraising page click on the link below:
Thank you for supporting Hair Massacure 2012.
To learn more about Hair Massacure, visit
Many thanks,
Brian, Chrissy and Steve
Going Pink to Beat Cancer

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Few Random Pictures

I downloaded a bunch of pictures from Chrissy's Camera.  There were a bunch of pictures from our Christmas season.  Enjoy...

 Tom and Shauna came for a visit early in December.  Here is a pictures from our Big Breakfast
 Zach and I at Abby's School Christmas Concert
 Syd at the concert
 The kids on Christmas morning
 An excited Abby when she saw that she got a camera from Santa
Showing off my new Christmas Ornament that Abby made me
 Taking pictures
 Chrissy and her Granny
 Granny playing hockey with Zach. Notice Abby cheer leading on the counter?
 Grandpa and Zach showing off their chop sticks at Japanese Village
 Granny and Abby at Japanese Village
 Great Grandad telling Zach what the chef is doing
 The whole gang at Japanese Village
 Abby and Zach giving Grandpa a Time-Out
 Granny skating with Zachy
 Granny and Abs skating
 Grandpa and Zach joking around
A nice picture at Millennium

Monday, January 09, 2012

Hockey in the Garage

Zach, Ian and I went out to play hockey in the garage after dinner tonight to test out Zach's new net.  It's awesome.  Abby took this video and then I played with our movie editing tool and made a few parts slow motion.  Pretty funny, especially Zach's SLAP SHOT!

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Skating at Millennium

On one of our last nights before Great Granny & Grandad and Granny & Grandpa went home we went over to Millennium to do some more skating.  Great Granny & Grandad watched from the side and Granny and Grandpa laced on the skates and had some fun.  The kids loved skating with their grandparents!

Zach goofing off sitting with Grandpa, Great Granny and Mum
 Abby showing off her skating skills
Big Zach skating away

A few videos:

Granny giving Zach a ride

Abby skating away

The kids skating


Grandpa and Zach figure skating

Friday, January 06, 2012

World Junior Hockey Championship

Over the Christmas holidays the World Junior Hockey Championships have been in Edmonton and Calgary.  I was fortunate enough to get to go to 4 games. Boxing day I got to go to Canada vs Finland (Canada won 8-1) and then went to the late game, USA vs Denmark (USA won 11-3). Went with Pa, Steve and Bruce and had amazing tickets!  Then on the 28th I went to the Finland vs USA game (Finland won 4-1) with Brian, Great Grandad and Mike and had sweet seats in the lower bowl. Finally to the USA vs Czech game on the 30th (Czechs won 5-2).  The Czech game was amazing as I got to sit front row with my wife (got sweet tickets from her boss).  One of the highlights was getting my picture taken with Bob McKenzie (one of my favorite hockey analysts).  Here are a few pictures and a cool video of the Czechs celebrating after their big win:

 Tickets and a Program of the games I got to go to
 Chrissy sitting front row during the warm-up
 The game's about to start
 Me and my beautiful wife
 Bob McKenzie getting ready to go on air with TSN
 Trying to get Bob's attention for a picture.  I have to admit, I was a little giddy...
 Bob was great and had no problem taking a second for a picture. I was very impressed!
 During the game
  The Czechs getting up after their celebration
  The Czechs singing their national anthem after the big win

Below is a video of the Czechs celebrating after their win.  It was so cool being right there in the front row.  We were even on TSN and all the highlights the next day.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Hockey Sticks

Over the Christmas break we bought the kids new hockey sticks and gloves.  Well, as you could imagine, they wanted to try them out asap!  First we went out in front of the house and played a little road hockey:

Abby showing off her road hockey skills
Grandad playing hockey
 Zach LOVING playing road hockey with his new stick and gloves
Big Daddy showing off his slap shot pose
Granny playing hockey
Nice hat Bri
Uncle Mike waiting for a pass
The gang out on the front street playing road hockey
Mike trying to get around the towering defenceman Zachary
Great Grandad and Abby chasing the puck
2 against 1. No Fair!
Great Granny cheerleading
Zach testing out his new stick and gloves on the front street
Go Granny Go
"Are you ready for some road hockey?"
Big Slap Shot from Abs
Game On 
Then, because the weather was so nice, we decided to go over and check out the new outdoor rink they had made just down the street.  The kids loved playing hockey on real ice.  Especially Zach, he absolutely loved skating with a stick in his hands!

Abby trying on Daddy's hockey gloves
 Face-off with Zach
 Abby skating with Uncle Mike and Granny
 Grandpa and Zach taking a break with Great Granny and Great Grandad
 Zach and his best bud Grandpa
 Grandpa skating
 The kids with their new hockey sticks
 Grandpa taking Abs for a ride
 Zach showing off his new stick and gloves
 Uncle Mike with Great Granny and Grandad
 Granny figure skating
 Uncle Mike playing some hockey on the outdoor rink

Here's a little video of our road hockey game on the front street