Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Few Random Pictures

I downloaded a bunch of pictures from Chrissy's Camera.  There were a bunch of pictures from our Christmas season.  Enjoy...

 Tom and Shauna came for a visit early in December.  Here is a pictures from our Big Breakfast
 Zach and I at Abby's School Christmas Concert
 Syd at the concert
 The kids on Christmas morning
 An excited Abby when she saw that she got a camera from Santa
Showing off my new Christmas Ornament that Abby made me
 Taking pictures
 Chrissy and her Granny
 Granny playing hockey with Zach. Notice Abby cheer leading on the counter?
 Grandpa and Zach showing off their chop sticks at Japanese Village
 Granny and Abby at Japanese Village
 Great Grandad telling Zach what the chef is doing
 The whole gang at Japanese Village
 Abby and Zach giving Grandpa a Time-Out
 Granny skating with Zachy
 Granny and Abs skating
 Grandpa and Zach joking around
A nice picture at Millennium

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