Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Few Skating and Random Pictures

Below are a few pictures and videos of us skating the past 2 weeks.  The kids are continuing to progress and are each getting more and more comfortable skating on their own!

Zach chasing his Mum with no skating aid
Skating with Big Poppa
Taking a break on the bench with Mum
Taking Zach for a ride
Big smiles from Zach
Abby showing off her Oiler Donut at Tim's after skating
Zach LOVED this donut! First bite: Oiler symbol!

Zach skating super fast with the skating aid
Zach skating on his own
  Abby racing with her Dad
Abby cruising around the rink
Abby letting her brother win a race. She is SO awesome and caring and encouraging!

Last weekend we went over to my Mom and Dad's for a birthday celebration for Susan, Chrissy and I.  Here are a few pictures and funny videos

 They actually DO love each other! They are sitting in the playroom watching TV with Ally

Steve and I pulled down Dad's Pittsburgh Steelers helmet to play with.  We first tried putting it on Zach and it was a little small so Steve and I HAD to try and get it on...

 Steve looking like a real Pro Football player
Steve finally getting the helmet off 
 My turn.  They easy part was getting the helmet on.  The hard part? Getting it off...
 Looking good Big B
 This hurt so bad!

Finally this past Friday night Sue and the girls came over to hang out while Steve was at his school's track meet.
 "Go Oilers Go" ~ Ally
 Abs and Zach checking Uncle Burke on my new X-Box I got for my birthday
Sue re-dyed my hair pink. Just a touch up before the Massacure on February 3rd.

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Anonymous said...

Great skating guys!
Good speed and balance
Very Impressive!

Watching you with the helmet on Brian, begs the question "would football helmets reduce head injuries in hockey?"
Just a thought