Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Hockey Sticks

Over the Christmas break we bought the kids new hockey sticks and gloves.  Well, as you could imagine, they wanted to try them out asap!  First we went out in front of the house and played a little road hockey:

Abby showing off her road hockey skills
Grandad playing hockey
 Zach LOVING playing road hockey with his new stick and gloves
Big Daddy showing off his slap shot pose
Granny playing hockey
Nice hat Bri
Uncle Mike waiting for a pass
The gang out on the front street playing road hockey
Mike trying to get around the towering defenceman Zachary
Great Grandad and Abby chasing the puck
2 against 1. No Fair!
Great Granny cheerleading
Zach testing out his new stick and gloves on the front street
Go Granny Go
"Are you ready for some road hockey?"
Big Slap Shot from Abs
Game On 
Then, because the weather was so nice, we decided to go over and check out the new outdoor rink they had made just down the street.  The kids loved playing hockey on real ice.  Especially Zach, he absolutely loved skating with a stick in his hands!

Abby trying on Daddy's hockey gloves
 Face-off with Zach
 Abby skating with Uncle Mike and Granny
 Grandpa and Zach taking a break with Great Granny and Great Grandad
 Zach and his best bud Grandpa
 Grandpa skating
 The kids with their new hockey sticks
 Grandpa taking Abs for a ride
 Zach showing off his new stick and gloves
 Uncle Mike with Great Granny and Grandad
 Granny figure skating
 Uncle Mike playing some hockey on the outdoor rink

Here's a little video of our road hockey game on the front street

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