Friday, January 06, 2012

World Junior Hockey Championship

Over the Christmas holidays the World Junior Hockey Championships have been in Edmonton and Calgary.  I was fortunate enough to get to go to 4 games. Boxing day I got to go to Canada vs Finland (Canada won 8-1) and then went to the late game, USA vs Denmark (USA won 11-3). Went with Pa, Steve and Bruce and had amazing tickets!  Then on the 28th I went to the Finland vs USA game (Finland won 4-1) with Brian, Great Grandad and Mike and had sweet seats in the lower bowl. Finally to the USA vs Czech game on the 30th (Czechs won 5-2).  The Czech game was amazing as I got to sit front row with my wife (got sweet tickets from her boss).  One of the highlights was getting my picture taken with Bob McKenzie (one of my favorite hockey analysts).  Here are a few pictures and a cool video of the Czechs celebrating after their big win:

 Tickets and a Program of the games I got to go to
 Chrissy sitting front row during the warm-up
 The game's about to start
 Me and my beautiful wife
 Bob McKenzie getting ready to go on air with TSN
 Trying to get Bob's attention for a picture.  I have to admit, I was a little giddy...
 Bob was great and had no problem taking a second for a picture. I was very impressed!
 During the game
  The Czechs getting up after their celebration
  The Czechs singing their national anthem after the big win

Below is a video of the Czechs celebrating after their win.  It was so cool being right there in the front row.  We were even on TSN and all the highlights the next day.

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