Monday, January 02, 2012

Zumba on the Wii

For Christmas Chrissy got Wii Zumba from the kids. Christmas day evening we put it in and all gave it a go. Now, it has to be said, the girls challenged Bri and I and the boys won! We did our routine at 94% and the girls came close at 91%. We all had a lot of fun and burned some calories in the process. Here are a few pictures and videos from the evening:

Granny and Grandad giving it a go. Not quite in step but definitely having fun!

The girls all dancing in step together. Great job girls!

The girls dancing in sync

Dancing and exercising

The Twin Towers strutting their stuff

Grandpa, Daddy and Abby getting it on!

Chrissy, Anne and Abby dancing

The next day Grandad and Granny wanted to try more Wii games so we set them up bowling, playing tennis and golfing

Grandad bowling

"I'm trying..." - You did a great job Granny!

Here are a few videos of us having fun dancing with the Zumba game. Now, no judging us. We are having a great time and burning calories too! haha

Chrissy, Anne and Abby dancing together

The 2 Brian's and Abs dancing

3 Generations of Kellys dancing here.

Great Granny and Grandad doing a swing routine

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