Saturday, February 04, 2012

Chrissy's 30th Birthday Party

On February 2nd it was Chrissy's 30th Birthday.  I was able to surprise her with a dinner out with family and friends and a special visit from her Mom and Tom & Shauna from Calgary. We had a great time at the Olive Garden and I know Chrissy felt so blessed to have all her family there to celebrate with her!

 Big Zach wearing Mum's 30 glasses
 Mum and Abs
 Courtney brought a bunch of "Turning 30" bling for Chrissy to wear
 Mike and his Mama
 Ian and Christine
 Tom and Shauna
 Steve and Ally
 Susan sitting all by herself...poor Sue...
 Oh wait, she found a friend...Woody...haha
 Megan and Pa
 A crazy Abby eating a bread stick
 Chrissy with Tom and Shauna
 Syd and Abs
 Mom and Sue
 Two peas in a pod
 Abby with her Auntie Megan
 Zach hiding behind his bread stick
 Courtney and Darrell
 The whole table
 Abby downing her pasta. She was pumped because she got to add shrimp to her pasta
 Hi Syd
 Now this is how it's done! Ally showing everyone how to eat spaghetti
 Ma and Pa
 Chrissy enjoying her dinner
 Here I am with two very beautiful girls!
 Chrissy loved her cupcake cake
 Abby helping her Mum blow out the candles
Smiling with Mum and her cake
 We call this guy Tom "One Bite" Ginn
 Mission accomplished
 Zach eating his cupcake
 Abs eating just the icing. surprise surprise
 Tom "One bite" Ginn threw down the gauntlet and then I HAD to try a one bite cupcake...
 Mission accomplished
Her I am with my little Sydney

We had a great time celebrating Chrissy's birthday! Thanks to everyone for making her 30th a very special day!

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