Sunday, February 12, 2012

Family Skating at Millennium

Last weekend, while Chrissy's Mum was still in town, we decided to go skating after church to Millennium.  Anne and Auntie Megan skated with Gallitown and we were so excited that Auntie Sue and Ally came skating!  This was only Ally's second time skating ever and she did so awesome!  She got more and more confident as the afternoon went on.  I am a very proud Uncle!

Below are a few pictures and videos from the afternoon

 Abs skating with Granny and Auntie Megan
 Granny and Abs
 Abby and her Mama
 Granny taking a break with big Zach
 Auntie Megan and Abs smiling
 Alyssa and Abby skating with Sue
 Granny taking Zachy for a ride
 I think these chicks are ready for the Ice Capades
 The girls resting
 Waiting for the kids to come back out skating
 Ally starting to get more confident skating without her Mom's help
 Go Ally Go
 Zach cruising with Granny and Auntie Megan behind him
 Ally and Abby skating
 More big smiles from the girls
Mum and Zach
Ally and her Skating
Zach skating on his own
Abby outrunning Auntie Megan and Granny
Ally skating all by herself

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