Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Hair Massacure and Gallitown Make-Over

As most of you know, Chrissy, Steve, a Co-Worker of Chrissy's (Robin) and I participated in the 2012 Hair Massacure.  Steve, Robin and I dyed our hair Pink for about 3 weeks and Chrissy donated 14 Inches of her hair to make a wig for children in need of one.  Our Team raised over $4,400 for the cause and we all were all so blessed with all the support we got from everyone.  Below are some before and after pictures as well as shots at WEM where the Massacure took place.
The 3 Amigos just after we dyed our hair in early January
Chrissy and Abby going Pink for the month
A before picture at the mall
A little scared at first...
Steve and I getting our heads shaved
  Laughing. Man we are ugly!
I like this look.  A Pink Doctor Phil!
  That cut just looks natural on Steve
Bald is Beautiful
Almost done
The kids wanted to see what the bald head felt like
Looking good Steve!
Robin, Steve and I after the Massacure
  Chrissy getting prepped to get her hair cut. A little nervous
Abby and Ally showing their support by wearing pink in their hair
"Is this really happening"
A beautiful smile
The nerves are setting in
14 Inches.  Chrissy cut off 14 inches of hair.  I can't tell you how proud I am of her!
Abby got the first cut.
Mum looking a little scared
Cutting off the first strand of hair
Way to go Chrissy!
  Abby cutting more off
Then it was my turn!
Abby wanted another turn
   All Gone...
The after picture
Gallitown at the Massacure

Here are the official before and after pictures of all of us.  The kids went to the hair dresser the next day and chopped off all their hair too.  Te family is looking great now!!!

Before Front
Before back
After front
After Side
After back

Family Before
Family after
 Before front
Before back
After Front
After back 
Abs getting her hair cut
Man my daughter is beautiful!!!
Before front
Before after
 After front
After side
Zach getting the spikes put in
  Loving the Blue and Orange for the Oilers


Angela Ayers said...

Love the family before and after shots!

Anonymous said...

Well done Gallitown - we are very proud of your efforts to raise funds to find a cure for cancer. You all look fabulous. Love Mum and Dad