Monday, March 05, 2012

NHL Here I Come

On Sunday afternoon we got to go to Gold in the Net Goalie School in St. Albert.  My friend Barrett from work helps run and teaches at the school.  It was such a cool little rink and we had so much fun skating with Barrett.  The best part was Barrett let me wear his goalie equipment and I got to try playing goalie on ice for the first time ever.
I was able to skate better than I expected but man oh man do I have a whole new respect for goalies.  I got so tired so fast.  
Like I said, we had a blast and can't wait to go again to skate with Barrett at Gold in the Net.

Here are a bunch of pictures and videos of Gallitown playing hockey...
Barrett helping be get the pads on
Chest protector
Got all the gear on and I am ready to go
The kids getting the pucks ready to shoot on Dad
Warming up with Barrett
Getting set up for my first few shots
Abby first
 Slap Shot
Blocker save. Man I look good! haha
Nice stance
Saving the puck on a breakaway
Not sure where the puck is...
Getting tired all ready
I told Barrett at work on Friday that I wanted to stack the pads on him and I succeeded!
Me and the kids
"Barrett! Get in here for a picture!"
Kids taking a break leaning against the boards
Barrett and I chatting. Probably about how bad I am! haha
Taking a break
Talking with Zach
Barrett teaching Zach he has to bend his knees a little more and keep his shoulders up
Zach trying it out. Good listening Zach!
Kids playing
Zach lining the pucks up
Me and Bear chatting
Abby gathering the pucks
Zachy Boy
Ready to make some more saves
Stick save!
Kick save!
After we played around for an hour I was beat! I haven't sweated that much in a very long time.  Felt great!  I had so much fun!
Zach sitting on the mini Zamboni
Abs wanting to take the Zamboni for a test drive
Barrett with the kids

Here are a few videos of the next starting goalie for the Oilers...
Scoring on Daddy
A couple of blocker saves
Barrett beats me short-side here
 A few nice saves...then I get tired...reach Bri reach! hahaha
"Did that go in?"  I missed 3 in a row here! brutal!
Abs shooting and passing with Barrett
Zach showing off his skating skills
Abby with some sweet skills!  Too much dipsy doodle and not enough scoring! hehe
Some sweet saves by Big B
Zach lining up the pucks
Zach scoring on Daddy
A sweet slow motion save sequence trying to make the glove save

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Anonymous said...

What a great experience. The kids are very impressive, Bri not so much! Gutsy performance but I'm sure Brad would love to take some shots on you
Abby and Zach are skating so well and now shooting the puck too. You gotta love Zach's celebration

Thanks for sharing and the smiles