Sunday, March 04, 2012

Tobogganing at Josh's Birthday

On Saturday afternoon we went over to the Anthony's house for Josh's 5th Birthday Party.  We had the perfect day and the perfect hill to do some tobogganing.  The kids (and the adults) had a great time sledding all afternoon.  Below are some pictures and videos of the group tobogganing:

 Ally coming down the hill on her saucer
 Jack cruising down the hill
 Zach coming down the hill on his tube
 Jack at the bottom of the hill ready to climb back up
 Ally with a huge smile
 Zach loving the ride down the hill
 Jack and Josh riding down together
 Syd watching all the happinings from her sled
 The boys posing silly
 Josh and Zach being silly
 Jack and Josh getting ready to head down the hill
 Can you tell he's having fun?
 Ally loved sledding
 Time for Mum to get in on the action
 Zach getting Dwight to help him up the hill
 Zach and Josh getting ready to ride
 I WISH I HAD ON VIDEO WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE THIS PICTURE! Steve decided he's throw the sled and then take a running jump onto it.  HE MISSED!!!! Did a face plant right into the snow.  Brad and I were in tears at the top of the hill!
 After he brushed himself off Steve headed down the hill
 Abby and Josh taking their turn
 "Do I have to climb all the way up again?"
 Abby and Josh
 Syd took a few runs down the hill. She loved it.  Had lots of fun watching the kids sliding
 My beautiful niece
 Alyssa heading down
 The gang heading up the hill together
 Zach carrying the tube up the hill
 Brad heading down the hill
 Time to race. Brad vs Brian
 Ally getting the royal treatment from her Uncle B getting carried up the hill
 Jack cruising
 Abby sledding
 A nice smile from my girl
 Zach and Daddy take a run together
A great smile from Jack coming down the hill

Below are few videos of the fun on the hill...

Zach cruising down the hill on his tube
Jack and Josh heading towards the trees
 Abby and Ally
 Jack and Josh
Abby speeding down the hill
Brad and Brian racing
 Steve and Sue going for a ride
Big Daddy heading down on the tube
For more pics & vids, check out The Russell's Blog 

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