Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Tommy

Last weekend we went down to Calgary to visit our Godson Thomas (Tommy) Scott Ginn. Little Tommy is the boy of our very good friends Tom and Shauna Ginn.  Over the past few years we, along with the Russells, have become very close with Tom and Shauna and are so blessed to be a part of their lives!
 Abby holding Tommy for the first time
 Zach with his Uncle Tom
 Chrissy feeding Little Tommy lunch
 Man, Tommy is one Good Lookin`boy!
 Shauna and Chrissy...and Tommy (He might be in every picture ;) )
 Auntie Sue and her Godson Tommy
 Abs and Syd playing
 Ally is absolutely smitten with Little Tommy.  She just LOVES helping take care of him
 Abs and Ally with their small Hot Chocolates from Tim`s.  They were very excited to get their own drinks. What big girls!
 The girls cuddling with Tommy
 What a great picture. Tommy wasn`t awake a whole lot while we were there but Chrissy caught him showing off his big beautiful eyes!
 Tom and Zach playing with the farm
 Boy and Mum

While we were in Calgary my Dad put us up in the Sheraton Cavalier and the best part about that is the pool and water slides!!!!  We went back to the hotel Saturday night and had a blast playing in the pool.
 Mum and kids getting into the cold pool
 Big Hugs
 What a great smile!
 Holding on getting ready to swim away
 What goofballs
 Chrissy and Abs coming down the water slide
 Abby has been so well in swimming lessons and she is so proud of herself that she can swim under water. It`s so awesome! I am so proud of her and it`s so neat seeing have so much fun swimming.  I cannot wait until Penticton!
More under water swimming

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kristen said...

It looks like Abby almost created a wardrobe malfunction for Chrissy in one of those swimming pictures...hope the top remained where it is supposed to be for the entire trip to the pool :)