Thursday, April 05, 2012

Vancouver day 1

Yesterday we flew into Vancouver to spend some time with Brian and Anne over the Easter weekend.  We were VERY lucky to get out of Alberta just in time.  This morning we woke up to a bunch of texts from family and friends showing us pictures of what had happened over night. 20+ cm of snow.  Here in Vancouver the weather was beautiful and we decided to go to Bellingham, Washington to play some golf and do some shopping
 Brian at Skuksan golf course
 Bri and I (I'm not very good at aiming the camera)
 A mighty swing by Chuck
 The Walrus about to crank one into the trees on the left :)

After golf, Chrissy, Anne and the kids picked us up and we headed back across the border to Whiterock, BC and had dinner at Moby Dicks fish and chips
 Zachy with Granny and Grandpa.  He\s wearing a cool new hat he got in Bellingham
 Mum and Abs
 Me and my girl
 This is the family fish and chips meal...AWESOME!!!
 Abby and Mommy about to dig in

After dinner we went across the street and took some pictures on the boardwalk in front of the ocean
 The whole gang
 The kids with their grandparents
 Zach and Grandpa
Abs and Granny
 3 Generations
 The boys dancing

Below is a video of the boys sweet dancing skills

 A nice picture Chrissy took of the ocean
 Abby dancing for us
 Another beautiful picture taken by my wife
 Both kids dancing
 Nice moves!
 Zach was running down the boardwalk and his pants fell down...
 Oh geez...hahaha
 Me and my girl
 Balancing with Granny and Grandpa
Abby doing some balancing

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