Saturday, April 07, 2012

Vancouver day 2

On day 2 in Vancouver we decided to head to Stanley Park and go to the Aquarium.  The line up was HUGE so we decided to wait for another day.  Instead we ended up playing in a playground in Stanley Park and spent some time on the beach.  We then went to the Burnaby Mini Train Station for a ride which the kids LOVED!  After the train ride we went to our favourite 218 flavour ice cream shop for a treat. It was a Great day!
 Zach zooming down the slide
 Just flying down
 Abs and Mum in front of a huge tree
 The tree is "This Big"
 The tree is so big it engulfs Zachy
 I like this picture.  My wife and kids checking out the ocean
 Walking with Abby as she balances on the logs
 Abby writing her name in the sand
 I think this picture is neat. Chrissy taking a picture of her Mum and Zach
 And here is the picture of Granny and Zachy
 Grandpa and Big Eddy
 Abby and I coming to join the gang
 Family Picture
 Abby showing Zach where she wrote her name in the sand
 What a good looking couple
 I love this picture too. Very cool!
 Zach showing Grandpa the fire truck
 Driving the firetruck
 Just finished our ride on the mini train.  The kids are saying "Choo Choo" in this picture
 Lovin' the trains
 Miniature train
 Got our ice cream and now enjoying it in the sun. Abs and Gran
 Mum and Eddy
 The Chubb Sisters

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