Sunday, April 08, 2012

Vancouver day 3

On Saturday we went on an adventure to Vancouver Island.  We took the ferry to Nanaimo and then the girls & Zach dropped Bri and I off at the golf course while they explored the island.

Striking a pose on the ferry
It was cold and windy out on the deck but we managed to take a family picture
A beautiful day on the ocean
Me and my girl at sea
Me and Bri racing on the motorcycle arcade game
Abby putting on a show for Grandpa
Zach putting a show on for Granny
Abs and her Mummy
Abby with her new sea otter Nanaimo
Looking for whales
Looking for a Walrus

The girls and Zach dropped us off at Pheasant Back Golf Course in Qualicum Beach.  Front nine was a links style course and the back nine was cut into the forest.  We didn't play great but had some fun.

An Eagle flew over and landed just off the driving range. Very cool!
Bri on the par 3 12th over water
Striking a pose
Bri hitting into the 16th
This deer was on the 17th tee box.
I got within 10 yards of the deer. Obviously she is pretty used to humans being around.

While the boys were golfing the rest if the gang went to Cathedral Trail and checked out the huge trees, played some mini golf and went to the goats on the roof market for lunch and ice cream

At the entrance to Cathedral Grove
=Check out the size of those trees!
Granny with crazy Zach and Abs
Sometimes they love each other
The trees are just massive
The trees are "This Big"
Climbing with Granny
Big Eddy on a huge stump
Abby's looking a little cold in this picture
Abby taking some pictures of the trees
By some big tree roots
Hiding in a tree trunk
Abs taking a picture of her and Zachy
Getting ready for lunch at the market
I am not sure whether Zach had a head freeze from the ice cream or whether he is just being silly
Getting ready to mini golf
Abs driving a car

We then headed back home on the ferry
A picture of the mountains
A picture of downtown Vancouver from the ferry
The kids watching out the front window
Grandpa showing them the sites
In the car on the way home. A great day had by all!

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