Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vancouver day 5 - Part 1 - The Aquarium

Vancouver day 5 was a very eventful day! We got up, went to the Vancouver Aquarium, had a picnic lunch in Stanley Park, went to the Maplewood Farm, had a Ham dinner, played at the park at Como Lake and then walked around the entire lake (1km).  Finished the day off with ice cream treats at DQ.  An awesome day!  Too many pictures for one post so we'll start with the Aquarium...

Zach looks like he's up to no good...
Eddy checking out the Boa
The sting ray picture is for Uncle Mike
This Arowana picture is for Uncle Mikey
For Uncle Mike
Checking out a school of fish
Smiles from the girls
Grandpa and Zach goofing off
Abby taking pictures of a starfish
Abby checking out some big fish
Grandpa and Zachy checking out the fish
Is that Nemo or Abby?
Abby in front of the baby Clownfish
Baby Seahorses
Adult Seahorses
Zach the Clownfish
Some tropical fish
A big Beluga Whale
That's my kids! :ovin' the Walrus!
The Beluga show
Jumping out of the water
Peeking out
saying hello
These two dolphins were very cool!
About to do some cool tricks
Jumping out of the water
Such height. so cool!

Here are 3 videos of the Dolphins. Very cool.  They are so fast and agile!


Zach checking out the Sea Lion
Abby saying hello
Now these are a bunch of good looking statues
Another tank of cool fish
Zach and Grandpa doing some research
The Beluga underwater
Chrissy giving the Walrus some love!
The Walrus standing with the Walrus'
Clown fish
Giant Sea Turtle for Auntie Shauna
The Turtle came right up to Zach and Abby and had a staring contest with them. So cool!
I think Zach won!
The Turtle checking the kids out
The kids checking out the turtle
Sneaking up on the kids
This picture is for Auntie Shauna too. She LOVES Turtles!
Cool Picture of Abby with the Turtle taking off behind her
Giant Stingray for Uncle Mike
Big Catfish
2 Parrots
Some cool Red Bird
Some cool monkeys
This monkey was getting mad at people staring at him
Cool little lizard
This is a pretty good picture of a butterfly on an orange
Sloth Monkey
This was so awesome! A butterfly landed on Abby
Holding the butterfly
Love this picture. She is being so careful to be gentle
Zach checking out the frogs
Abby peaking out

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