Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gymnastics Lessons

This Spring both Abby and Zach are taking Gymnastics.  This is Zach's first time and he loves it.  Especially having his best bud Ally in his class.  The smiles on these two kids are priceless during their classes.
Abby is continuing to progress and is doing quite well.  She loves this class because two of her buddies are in her class,  Kassidy and Addison.
Below are some pictures and a video from their classes last week.

Zach doing a log roll
Going up the ladder on all fours
Zach on the rope
Zach really loved swinging on the rope as you'll see in the video!
Ally about to swing on the rope
Big stretch!
Monkey Bars
Hanging upside down
A master of the rings
Not sure what this is called but sweet balance Zach
Another bar hang
Kassidy and Abs playing
About to summersault
Hopping up onto the pommel horse
Backwards fall
Boom! Down onto the mat
Balance skills!
More mat work

I am very proud of the kids.  They are both doing so well and have so much fun in class!

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