Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Abby's Daycare Graduation

Today at Abby's Daycare they had a Graduation Ceremony for the Kindergarten kids.  It was so awesome.  They marched in, sang a few songs and then "Walked across the stage" to receive their certificate and shake the Daycare Manager's hand.  We all stayed for Cake (Which the kids helped decorate), Root Beer and Juice.  I am so impressed with the Daycare and the staff.  They did an awesome job!!!
Below are some pictures and videos from the ceremony:

The kids marching in
Getting ready to sing
Singing the Bumblebee song
Abby singing away

Here's a video of the kids marching in and singing the Bumblebee song

A video of the kids singing another silly song

The Kindergarten kids waiting for their turn to receive their certificate
Abby getting her certificate with Teacher Dustin and Daycare Manager Karen
Abs getting a special gift from Teacher Kim

A video of Abby "walking the stage" to receive her certificate

Here's Abigail holding her certificate
Abs with her Mum eating cake and drinking Root Beer
Up on the wall a sweet photo montage of all the kids in graduation outfits
Here is my beautiful daughter in her graduation picture from daycare.  SHE IS GROWING UP TOO FAST!!!

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