Sunday, June 17, 2012

Camping at Spring Lake

This weekend we took out our new trailer camping.  We tried a new Campground just south west of Stony Plain, Spring Lake (  It was AWESOME! I highly recommend the campground.  We had a great time camping with the Russell's and Grammee & Grandad.  Here are a bunch of pictures and a few videos from the weekend:

 Me and the Big Banana, My Mom
 Gallitown cuddle in the trailer Saturday morning
 Chrissy relaxing
Chrissy with Abby and Sydney cuddling close
 Ally smiling nice...
 Then a funny face for Uncle B
 Grammee and Grandad relaxing
Steve and Sue relaxing
 Time for a bike ride
 The whole crew biking through the campground
 Playing in the sand at the park

The kids were doing some racing at the park. Up the stairs, down the slide and back to me.

First Zachy...
Next was Abby...
And then Ally.  Look out Ally, Zach's chasin' ya...
 I gave the kids some peanuts.  They are all showing me their nuts!
 Syd snacking
 The girls sharing a zero gravity chair
 The ladies hanging out at Grammee's trailer
 Grandad about to have an afternoon nap
 We went down to the beach and ended up getting some awesome weather! Here are the kids playing in the sand
 Trying to dig himself out
 Abby? Are you under that big pink hat?
 We went down in pants at first and they got a little it was time to go down to the undies while Big Poppa ran back for the swimsuits.  Nice undies Zachy!
 Abby suntanning. She becomes more and more like her mum each day...
 The beautiful girls relaxing on their beach towels
 Time for a dance party back at Grandad's trailer
 Syd carrying around Diego (She did this all weekend)
 Zach playing on the car mat
 Parking the cars on the picnic table
 Abby posing for me at the park
 Chrissy and the girls coloring
Time to roast some marshmallows over the fire
 Abs and her Big Poppa
 Zach eating a marshmallow and Grammee in the background
 Abs enjoying her marshmallow
 Grammee showing Abby her super cool powered rotisserie marshmallow cooker.  I hate to say it, but it actually worked pretty good...
 Ally getting a little tired relaxing with her Big Poppa
 Auntie Sue keeping a close eye on Zachy
 Grammee telling the girls a story before bed
 Spring Lake with the sun setting...beautiful
 What a peaceful place.
Today is Father`s day and I woke up to my kids giving me big hugs and kisses! Awesome!  I got some great gifts and have had a great day so far. I love you Abs and Zachy!
 Me and my Big Poppa.  Happy Father`s Day Pa.
 Syd and her Mommy
 Syd and Uncle B
 Chrissy and Steve relaxing after breakfast
 Grammee telling the kids another story
 Nice hat Syd!
 This is a shirt Abby made me at daycare for Fathers day.  The front has my name, some cookies, a huge heart and LOVE...
The back has Abby`s hands, Happy Father`s Day, I Love U, Love Abigail, Age 5, 2012

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