Saturday, June 09, 2012

G8 2012

I know this is a little late but I didn't take many pictures at this years G8 but Keith did and I just got the pictures from him.
April 26-29 I went to Kelowna with 7 buddies for our Annual G8 Golf Tournament.  We played 7 rounds in 4 days and had a blast.  This year, our 10th anniversary of the G8 Tournament, there was a tie for the first time ever.  The Clydesdales and the Young Guns won.  The Individual Trophy going to the best golfer of the week went to Brian Venables.

The Teams:
Young Guns: Brian "Walrus" Gallimore and Dwight "Coach" Anthony
Clydesdales: Bob :Big Dawg" Gallimore and Al "Mustard Man" Petersen
Bears: Brian "Silverback" Venables and Brad "Skunk" Reiter
Tornados: Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell and Keith "Tin Cup" Perry

We had a great 4 days and below are some pictures from the trip

 We got to Tower Ranch Golf Club in Kelowna and it was pouring rain.  We actually played.  I have never been so wet in my life!
 A great shot from up on the hill at Tower Ranch
 Looking out the window once we got to Predator Ridge taking it all in
 A shot over looking the Predator course
 The view from the balconies of our cabins.  Hole 16 of the Ridge course
 Chating after a long day of golf
 Sun was shining the next morning.  Perfect for a couple of rounds of golf
 Hole 10 at the Predator course (One of the toughest holes of the week)
 The Bears TRYING to intimidate the rest of us...didn't work!
 Hole 5 on the Ridge course.  A nice 165 yard downhill par 3.
 Steve getting ready to hit
 Looking good Bri
 We are all AMAZING golfers but every now and then the ball doesn't go where we want it to :) Here's Brad up on top of a rock face looking for his ball
 Hole 16 on the Ridge course looking at our condos in the distance
 We had to take a picture of this.  This is a Chicken Caesar Salad... Hmmmmm
 Ever eat a salad with your hands? It was easier that way!
 The crew getting ready to tee off Saturday Morning
 The green on hole 9 of the Ridge course
 The Clydesdales getting ready for their next match
 Steve getting ready to hit a bomb of a drive
 Short par 3 on the Ridge course
Al deciding what club to hit on this short par 3 over water on the Ridge course
 The front of the condo
 Getting ready to tee of at Gallagher's Canyon on Sunday Morning
 Dwight and I checking out the view while we are waiting to tee off
 Don't hit balls into the canyon...
 What a goofy smile
 This is by the clubhouse at a new track we tried this year.  Black Mountain Golf Club. A quirky but beautiful course.
 A good look at a nice par 3 down the hill with the clubhouse in the distance
 A look at the island green
 Steve with his game face on
 The Walrus hitting what was probably an amazing shot into the island green :)
 Steve "Flying Squirrel" Russell
 5 Time Champions: The Young Guns
 Tough par 5 with a nice stream running down the right side
 Dwight teeing off on a tough par 5 (Next time you see him ask him how many balls he hit in the water on this hole...hehehe)
 A look at the island green from the other side.  Very beautiful.
 Steve thinking to himself "How am I going to get this home in 2...AND HE DID!!! 2 Putt Birdie!

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