Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sports Day at Mills Haven Elementary

On Friday May 25th I took a vacation day and spent the day with Abby at her School for Sports day.  I was in charge of the Obstacle Course with a couple of other parents.  What a great day!  The kids and staff were so awesome.  Abby's team was the Rangers and they did great!
The K-Grade 3 kids were split into 9 teams.  Each team went through the 9 stations throughout the day:
1. Ball relay (Hold ball in legs and run)
2. Football toss (Throw football through hanging hoops)
3. Sock race (Put on crazy socks and relay race)
4. Suitcase relay (put on a bunch of crazy clothes and relay race)
5. 100 Metre Dash
6. Sponge relay (Get all the water from one bucket to another using sponges)
7. Potato Sack relay (Jump into a potato sack and race)
8. Obstacle Course (an obstacle course set up in the playground - My Station)
9. Rest Station (Kids got cookies and water and got to draw on the sidewalk with chalk, blow bubbles and do some skipping)

Here are some pictures from our great day:

 Abby standing in line for her turn doing the potato sack race (She didn't like this one)
 In line for the football toss
 Big Throw
 Nice toss Abby!
 Walking with her friend Abby F. from class and their grade 3 captain of the team Anna
 Abby and her best bud Cera eating lunch
 The kids got some time to play outside after lunch. Here are the Abby's on their favourite playground game.
 Hiding inside
 Hang On!
 Great smiles from the Abbys
 Time for Abby to do the Obstacle Course. heading up the ladder...
 Up to the top and down the slide...
 Through the pylons...
 Skip 5 times...
 Go across the balance beam...
 And into a somersault.  Great Job Abs!
 Here's a picture of Abby with her Gold Ribbon!

Abby and I had such a great day that we didn't want it to end so we decided to go for ice cream. It was some great Daddy Daughter time!
 Big Bite of her ice cream
 By beautiful girl Abigail Anne. I can't tell you how proud I am of you! You continue to amaze me every single day! I Love You so much!

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