Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Penticton Week 1

On July 13th we left for Penticton for our annual 2 week vacation of golf, beach and BBQ! During week one we met camped with Steve & Sue, Ma & Pa and Brad and Tara Reiter.  Brad and Tara have 2 kids (Jack and Katie) who our kids just loved playing with!  We also met up with Steve Jolliffe and his kids (Emma and Oliver) for one day. Here are some pictures from week 1:

Big B downing some corn nuts
Abby pretending to sleep
Big smile from Zachy
My navigator
Digging in the sand with Steve Jolliffe.  I am pretty sure my Mom has this exact same picture of Steve and I when we are 10 years old!
Abs and Steve's daughter Emma
Big Zach doing some swimming with Poppa
I love this picture.  Brad, Steve Russell, Steve Jolliffe and I. What's cool, is that the 4 of us worked together and lived together as the summer maintenance crew at Pine Lake Salvation Army Camp in 1997, 15 years ago!!!
It was Katie's (Brad and Tara's daughter) birthday on July 15th so we had a little party.  Here are the kids eating some cupcakes
Zach playing in the water
What a cutie!
Syd playing with the water gun
Tara pulling Katie on the surf board
Another big smile
Zach and Katie digging in the sand
Abby in her firework bathing suit (her favourite)
This is how to relax. just use a sand bucket as a pillow
Sue with her daughters having a snack on the beach
Abby trying to wake Uncle Brad up
Tara pulling Katie around the lake in the boat
Abs and Grammee heading out in the boat
This is my cute niece Ally. She was doing these crazy poses for me during our 2 weeks.  It was hilarious.  I will be dedicating a full post to these poses a little later.  For now I will just leave you with this teaser :)
A beautiful smile from Katie
Wake up Brad!
Uncle Steve digging in the sand with Katie and Zachy
Sue relaxing
Abs and Mum heading out into the lake
Abs and her Big Poppa sharing a snack on the beach
Here is how I woke up one morning. 3 munchkins body slamming me
Zach shooting the water gun
Steve and Brad playing catch with the kids in the boat
Abs, Jack and Ally in a sailboat...
I joined in on the game of catch.  It was pretty windy down in the beach that day. Means big waves!
Syd the diva with her Auntie Chrissy

One night we went up to the Lost Moose Restaurant for dinner.  It is at the top of the mountain with a great view of Penticton.

Big Zach
My beautiful daughter
The view from the restaurant
The 4 older kids: Jack, Abby, Zach and Ally
GREAT PICTURE! Funny faces!!!
Matching Best Buds
The Reiter Family: Jack, Brad, Katie and Tara
Gallitown: Zach, Brian, Chrissy and Abby
The Russell Family: Sydney, Sue, Steve and Ally
Out Takes! hahaha. Go Syd Go
The boys making Lost Moose poses
Abs and Ally in their matching outfits
I like this picture.  They aren't fighting and posed nicely!
Jack and Zach playing cars at the campground
It got a little cold one night so we piled all 6 kids on a couch and put on a movie.  Pretty cute bunch (Especially Katie with her head resting on her big brothers shoulder)
Abby, Sydney, Zach, Jack, Katie, and Alyssa
Having a snack while they watch Madagascar

One morning we headed to the playground to burn some energy

Jack taking off for the climbing slide
Abs sporting some cool shades
Abs being eaten by a lion
Jack going up the rock wall
Big Zach climbing
Zach and Jack riding the Bumblebee
Syd and Zach playing well back at the campground

Stay tuned for more pictures from the rest of our vacation...

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