Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Venables Camping - Half Moon Lake

On the Canada Day Long Weekend we went to Half Moon Lake with the Venables Clan.  Granny, Grandpa, Uncle Mike, Auntie Megan, Tucker & Lexi and of course Gallitown.  We had a great time and had a lot of laughs.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend:
On Saturday morning we got to go for a ride in Uncle Mike`s boat.  Uncle Mike even caught a fish for the kids!

 Zach watching Uncle Mike get the boat motor ready

 The lake was calm and peaceful

 The kids and I with life jackets on ready to go

A pose many of you have seen countless times.  Big B downing a DC
 Grandpa giving us a push

 And we`re off

 The kids were scared at first but then they loved it.  Mike and I thought they`d last 10 minutes...

 but then...

 an hour later...

 We came back.  What a great ride!

 These are burgersicles

 Time to relax after lunch

 The Gallitown girls

 Abby dancing for us

 Grandpa napping

 Zach playing cars

 Chrissy, Megan and Tucker enjoying the sun

 Megan and Tucker

 Mum and tots

 Lexi stole someones seat

 Big B

 Grandpa and Big Zach

 Abs eating cherries

 Going on an adventure

On Saturday night Megan`s parents, John and Elenor, came for dinner on their Motorbike.

 Zach thought the motorbike was pretty cool

 Abs and Grandpa getting the fire ready for dinner
 Abs writing a story
 The kids relaxing. Abs showing off Daddy's DC
Grandpa BBQ some magical steaks
 Chrissy relaxing before dinner
 Mikey and Lexi
Abby reading Uncle Mike the story she wrote

 Harley Davidson Abby

 Zach got to drive and Abs sat on the back

 Abs driving now
 John with Abby and Zach
 Grandpa and Zach coloring

 John trying out Zach`s bike

 Zach showing John  how fast his bike is.

 Elenor and her neat pouch that she carries her puppy Bailee in on the bike.

 Big Zach going down the slide
 On the Dinosaur Monkey bars
 The girls taking the pups for a walk
 Mum and Zach on the slide
 Abs on the bars
 Abby-Zach train

Mike got up early on Sunday morning and went fishing.  He came home with a bunch of Perch.

 Abby watching Mike gut the fish

 The catch

 Abby looking on in disgust

 Gutting the fish

On Sunday afternoon we spent some quiet time in the trailer to stay out of the rain

 Granny reading to the kids

 The Brians

 Playing some cards

On Sunday afternoon it rained but it didn`t dampen our spirits. 

 Granny and Grandpa putting on a show in the rain


Here`s a video of the two dancing :)

After it finished raining Sunday afternoon the sun came out and we had a great dinner and then played some baseball in the field
 Big Poppa and Zachy playing catch
 Check me out with my new glove
 Big Smiles
 Grandpa playing catch with Zach
 The boys playing catch
 Lookin' good Zach
 He even made a few catches
 Time for a big throw
 Abs doing some running
 Granny weaving flower stems with Abby

 Abby showing off the flower weave

 Relaxing with Mum
 Power Stance
 More catch
 And throw

On Sunday night we had a nice big fire and had some smores in preparation for the fireworks later

 Grandpa, Chrissy and Zachy by the fire
 Abs and Chrissy with the pups

 Time to cook some smores

 Tucker and I relaxing

 I was trying to be artistic with this picture. notice the fire in Chrissy's sunglasses. cool eh

 Abs and Tucker

 What a cutie eating her smore

Then it was time to head down to the lake for the fireworks

 Sitting on the blanket waiting for the show to start
 The lake was pretty calm
 Quite beautiful
 Me and my beautiful wife
 Fireworks from across the lake

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