Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Long Weekend at Calaway Park

On the August Long Weekend we went to Calaway Park with the Russells, Grandad and Grammee and met the Reiters there too.  This is our third year in a row and it didn't disappoint!  We had SO much fun going on all the rides and playing the games! Thanks to Grandad and Grammee for treating so  much during the weekend!  We had so much fun.  Here are a bunch of pictures from the weekend.

Our annual Log Ride picture.  The kids faces are So funny!  They look horrified but after the ride was over they were ok...
Here's Sue, Steve Pa and I on the Roller Coaster!  I LOVE this picture!  It worked out perfectly! The thinking man!

Here are a bunch of pictures of  us on the rides:
Chrissy: "Whoo Hoo"
Abby: "Whoo Hoo"
Sue: "Whoo Hoo"
Onto the Up and down round and round blue thing ride (That's got to be the official name for it)
Zach and Grandad
Sue and Syd
Steve with Ally
Syd and her Mama going up high
Mum and Abs up high
The crew enjoying the ride

The next ride was "Free Fallin'"
Zachy not sure what he's getting himself into
Abby excited to get going
Ally LOVED this ride.  It was her favourite

Onto the planes
Abs piloting Grandad
Chris and Zachy in the #2 Blue plane
Ally piloting her Auntie Sandra & Uncle James (One week after these rides Sandra had a little baby girl Claire Lynn Uyllott)
This is a great picture.  That little Ally can get her Aunts and Uncles to do ANYTHING ;)

Onto the Baja Buggies
Syd driving her Daddy. Hold on tight Stevie!
Zachy driving the girls
Syd smiling big
Zach driving while the girls cheer hard

Then to the little train
Abs, Syd and Ally ready to roll
The girls
The man relaxing in the caboose

We then did the snoopy boat which I went on.  The things you do for kids.  Almost puked after this one...
Flying high

Off to the kids roller coaster.  They love this ride!

Zach with his new buddy
Zach holding on tight
Ally loving the coaster

The trucks were next
Zachy driving Big Red
A great smile from Abs

We then hit the boats.  I went on this exact ride when I was their age...yikes...
Ally and Syd in the yellow boat
Zach, not only driving the cool orange boat but he`s also picking up a chick!  Atta boy!!!
Zach playing it cool

Off to the Egg ride
Ally with her Auntie Sandra
Syd with her Daddy
Ally and her Mom hamming it up
Zachy and Mum cheering loud

By-Plane time
Abs smiling nice
Zachy ready to fly
Alyssa navigating from the back seat

This was the first time the kids went on the bumper cars.  They didn't stop giggling the whole time
Abs getting ready to start
Zach is beyond excited
Alyssa driving with only one hand!
Sue, Syd, Steve and Grammee watching the big kids
Time to go
Abby concentrating
Ally crashing

The next few pics are from Sunday

Here's a group shot outside the front gates

Back at the Baja Buggies
We convinced Auntie Sue and Mum to go on
I think Chrissy is having fun! haha
Sue cheering hard
We met up with the Reiters Sunday and Zach got to go a few rides with his buddy Jack
Having fun cheering hard
The boyz were piloting Chrissy
The girls were in charge of Grandad
Up in the sky
Flying high

Back to Free Fallin
Getting prepped
Heading up
Sue doing the thinking man! Nice!!!
A sweaty Zachy taking a break while Abs and her crew hit the swings
Abs, Chrissy, Sue, Grandad and Steve swinging away
Steve sporting the thinking man pose. Love it!

Back to the roller coaster
Great Picture.  Abs is having so much fun!
Ally and Abby with their hands in the air
Pure enjoyment!
Here's the gang on the carousel

On Saturday night we went to Tom and Shauna's for a BBQ.  We had a GREAT time and had a lot of good laughs.  We only took one picture while we were there...of our Godson, Little Tommy sleeping.
They don't come much cuter than this!!!

To check out more pictures from the weekend click this link to take you to Steve and Sue's blog:

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