Monday, August 27, 2012

Little Tommy and the Calgary Zoo

This past Friday we went to Calgary to Visit Tom, Shauna and our Godson Little Tommy.  The big plan was to go to the Calgary Zoo on Saturday.  But first, on Friday night, we went straight to Big Tom`s Hockey game.  The kids LOVED watching Uncle Tom play hockey and even though his team didn`t win they were VERY proud of Uncle Tom!

Big Tom #16 playing defence
Patrolling the blue line
Big Zach watching Uncle Tom close

Saturday morning we got up and had a great breakfast and then headed to the zoo

Abs holding Little Tommy
Abby helping Tom wash the fruit for the crepes that Shauna was making us
Big Smiles from Zachy
Abs and Zach eating their crepes
Zach "helping" change Little Tommy

Then it was time to head to the zoo.  The Calgary zoo is so awesome.  I got a bunch of great pictures of the animals

Abby in front of the new Penguin exhibit (More pictures later)
Some little penguins
Close up
This is Sheldon the turtle. He was out for a walk
Shawna and the kids getting a close up look of Sheldon
Abby loves turtles (Because Auntie Shawna loves Turtles) :)

Now time for a bunch of animal pictures

  Not sure what these were but they sure are cute. An African muskrat of sorts
Abby in the African exhibit with the giraffe eating behind her
Boa Constrictor
Chrissy giving the hippo a big kiss
Mum and Abs with the hippo
A few huge fish in the hippo tub
Hippo.  She is very sad because her mate died earlier this week.
The lions are so solid. I would not want to get between it and food
This sign was up on the Lions cage.  VERY FUNNY!!!
Zach watching an African boar (Pumba) eat his lunch
The kids in front of a cool aquarium
This poor little mouse is lunch for...
The bats
Spider Monkey

Next were my personal favourites, The Gorillas.  They are SO cool and we got very lucky and got front row seats for they lunch feeding.

The leader Silver-back.  So Awesome!
Power stance
Very human like.  Just chillin' eating lunch
Handful of grub
This is a pretty young gorilla. very cute.
A few possums
Abs and Zach meeting a giraffe
These monkeys were very creepy, very human like.
This picture reminds me of the game "barrel of monkeys"

The Elephants were very cool as well.  The Calgary zoo has 5 of them.

Big Guy
Playing with a giant ball
Some big tusks on this guy
Red Panda
Wild Boar
These are giant Malaysian Fruit Bats. Very Creepy!

Next were the baby tigers.  3 of them. So awesome!
A couple of cubs
Very cute
Playing while Mom sleeps

 We then took a little time out for the kids to play in the park

Zachy on a Hippo
Abs on a Zebra

Finally we headed over to the new Penguin Exhibit.  We had to wait for 30 minutes to get it but it was well worth the wait.  They were so neat and in the new exhibit you are able to get so close it is truly amazing to watch!

Auntie Shawna and Abs waiting patiently
Uncle Tom waiting
Little Tommy relaxing
My beautiful girl!
Tom and Shauna
Here's Abby playing with Little Tommy
He thought it was so funny to pull Abby's hair! lol
The Galli Boyz waiting to get in
Standing tall
A big group
This guy looks like a crusty old man
The Emperor Penguins
Mum and Zach
Tom and Shauna
A frisky Shauna snuggling in :)
I love this picture.  This guy was very cool
Zach with his Big Poppa
Abs and I in the Penguin Exhibit
Outside in front of the penguin statues

These next 2 pictures Chrissy took just outside the front gates.  I love them!

Riding the Zebras
On the big elephant

After the zoo we headed over to Cross Iron Mills Outlet to do a little back to school shopping and have dinner.  The kids fell asleep in the truck on the way over so Chrissy and I got the best of both worlds. I got to sit and relax in the Truck and play on my phone while the kids napped and Chrissy got a hour to shop without kids!

Big Zach napping

On Sunday we got up and went to church with Tom and Shauna, had a great lunch at BP's and then headed home.  We had a great weekend!

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