Thursday, August 02, 2012

Penticton Week 2 - Part 1

This post is part 1 of 2 of Week 2in Penticton.  Clear as Mud? :)
We had some more great times in week 2.  Brad, Tara, Jack and Katie had to pull out but then Tom, Shauna and Little Tommy pulled in to make 2 wonderful!

Chrissy and Abby playing the Conga drums at the Penticton Farmers Market

On Saturday night we went to "Hit to Pass" and "Mass destruction" night at the Penticton speedway.  The kids loved it, especially Zach!  They weren't too such about the cars pulling trailers and boats but the rest of the night they loved the racing and cheered for their favourite cars
Pulling a boat
Big Zach loving the racing
Another boat hauler
This one is pulling a 20 foot trailer

Below is a video of the mass destruction. Very cool and very funny!


On Tuesday we Pa, Al, Steve and I went to Fairview mountain Golf Club for our annual Gallimore vs Honeychurch match.  The Gallimores won this year closing the Honeychurchs out on Hole 17.

Dad and I in our matching Pink shirts!
Al and Steve

Then we were back at the beach

Abby the little mermaid
The mermaid and her little buddies
Auntie Shauna and Little Tommy
Syd the giraffe
Uncle Tom and Uncle Stevie
Want to know why we're giggling?  Check out the video below to see the result!

"Wanna dig Uncle B?"
The kids suntanning (This didn't last long...)
Chrissy holding little Tommy
Hang Loose Uncle Tom
Zach playing with his boat
Abby taking the surf board out for a spin
Abby wanting to help SO bad.  Auntie Shauna says after Tommy's done..
Look how happy she is to hold Tommy.  She just LOVED helping as much as she could with the little guy!

The next day we went down to the beach early.  We were the only family down there for a while...
Me with all the kids
Funny Faces!!!
Who is this fine specimen of a man? I think I may have a modelling career ahead of me!
See, first one's down there.  We had the entire lake to ourselves.
Zach floating on his board
Me playing catch with the football with Steve
Abs trying to get up on the board
She did it! Sitting on her board
Syd and her Poppa
Ally playing
Abs and Zach thought they were pretty clever surfing "in the water"
Water fight. Kids versus Uncle Al and Uncle Steve!
These girls had so much fun playing with the pool noodle.  Talking to each and blowing water at each other
Big Laughs
Peace Man!

Later that night we went to the park in the campground to burn off some energy

Zachy on the Mallard
The girls on the teeter taughter
Beautiful smile from Ally
An another from my daughter
Big Zach driving the truck
Sydney swinging
"Hey Dad, Let me down!"
"Can I take your order please?"
How very proper. So cute!
Ally's turn to drive
Uncle Steve taking a self photo
Gallitown on the back of the truck
I like this picture. I am very blessed with the perfect family!
Me and my beautiful wife!
Ally and Syd with Uncle Tom & Auntie Shauna
I think you may be too big for the swing now Abs...
Tom's turn on the Mallard - Whoa
Tom trying to go 8 seconds...and...he did it!!!
Grammee playing with Zach on the spinney thingy
Huge pushes from Uncle Tom. Hang on Abby!
Auntie and Niece. Great picture!
Zach, I think you may be up there for a while!
By big handsome son!

I will post week 2 part 2 probably early next week.  Hope you all have a great long weekend!

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