Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Penticton - Week 2 - Part 2

Here are some more pictures from week 2 in Penticton...
Little Tommy and I
Peace! What a goofball
Grandad and Zach playing in the water
Grandad pulling Zachy on his surfboard
Abby surfing
Grandad keeping watch over the boy
Wading in the water
The girls and I out for a float with Grammee
Floating on the board
Here's me and Syd out in the lake
Grammee and Abby deep in conversation
Big smiles from the Gallitown boyz
We had a lot of ducks looking for food on the beach.  At first it was cool how close they got and then it just got annoying
Ally and Syd taking a snack break
Zach ready for a snack
Abs relaxing in the floaty
The crew snacking

1...2...3...Ally pose!!!

The girls were doing some dancing/posing  on the beach. Looking good girls!

Work it
This picture is SO awesome.  The look on the girls faces is priceless
Talk to the hand
Abby and I on an adventure out to the dock
Out floating
Syd playing in the water
Who is that cutie on the floaty
Abs and Daddy snacking on the beach
The girls out floating with Uncle Tom
Ally swimming with Uncle Tom and Abs

After a family dinner Thursday we went down to the Okanogan Lake beach and took some family pictures

My wonderful kids
Zach and his little buddy Syd
This picture rocks for 2 reasons. 1. Zach and Ally are are AWESOME buddies 2. Steve is running after Syd to make sure she doesn`t go for a swim in the lake hehe
Nice pose Zach you goofball
What a great bunch of kids. They may be frustrating sometimes but when I see pictures like this I forget all that stuff.  They are so awesome!!!
Nice belly
The Russells
Family pic with Grammee and Grandad
Family pic with Uncle Tom, Auntie Shauna and Little Tommy

Back to the beach

Abs floating with Auntie Dot
Zach eating onion rings
Corndog anyone
Zach playing with Poppa John
Kick right to Poppa John
Paddling out to catch the waves
Abs, Ally and Auntie Dot
Abs pulling Ally around int he floaty
Time for the girls to take down Steve
Got him!
Hi Syd
More attacks against Steve
Uncle Tom getting in on the games
Abs dunking Poppa John
Playing with Uncle Al and Auntie Janet
Abs taking Auntie Janet down
 Diva Pose

Each year we hold a golf tournament for anyone who plays.  The PING.  Winner goes to the most consistent golfer over the 2 weeks.  The PING has been going since 1991.  Pretty cool.  This year Janet won.

Congrats Janet on being the new PING Champion
Bob `Big Dawg`Gallimore checking out the past winners
Our new champion

On our last night Zach and I were wearing our matching Superman shirts so Abby and her Momma decided to do some matching too.  Here are some fun pics

My beautiful girls
Power stance
Work it
What a cute little Superman..Not Zach! Me!!!! haha
Power stance
Muscle Pose
Funny faces
The family
I like this picture. Fun.
Funny faces

It was then time to head home

The mountains near Jasper
Following the Russells all the way home

Next up...The Penticton Poses of Alyssa Russell...

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