Monday, September 17, 2012

Family Trip to Jasper

 On Friday I surprised Chrissy and the kids with a trip to Jasper for the weekend!  We had an AWESOME time.  The weather was great, the kids were well behaved, the hotel was fantastic and the food was amazing.  A great last summer family trip.

On Friday we picked up Abby from School and headed straight to Jasper.  Here's a picture Chrissy took of the mountains from the car

Once we checked in we went out and enjoyed the outdoor hot tub

 Abby looking up to our room
 Me and the kids in the tub

After the tub it was time for bed.  The kids had their very own room with a bunk bed, TV and Bathroom.

In their Jammies ready for bed

We stayed at a place called the Mount Robson Inn.

On Saturday we got up and had breakfast at the Hotel.  You gotta ask Chrissy...or Abby...about the incident with the waffle batter.  Let's just say it was everywhere and even the kids were making fun of Chrissy after...hehehe

After a hilarious breakfast we went to the Maligne Canyon and hiked on the beautiful paths.  We took so many pictures of the poor kids...but they were great and we had a great walk together.

 Mum and Zach in the parking lot
 The Canyon
 Sitting on a log
 I like this picture.  Sitting on a big rock
 Smiling big
 Checking out the Canyon
 Walking though the forest
 A great smile from Abs
 A family shot, Zach doesn't look happy :)
 Here's a nice picture with the Canyon in the background
 My beautiful daughter
 Me and the kiddies
 Checking out a stream
 A picture of the kids from below
 Here's another shot of the Canyon
 I am not really a "sight seer" but it really is a beautiful hike!
 Striking a pose
 Chris with the kids
 Abby took this shot. What a good looking couple :)
 Walking hand in hand
 More smiles
 Standing on a big rock
 She likes this pose
 Mum and Abs
 The current was quite strong
 Another big smile
 I Love this picture
 A great family shot
 Big Zach acting silly with the river in the background
 Abby took this picture too.
 Water coming from inside the mountain
 Chris following the kids down the path
 A cool waterfall coming down the canyon
 Great smiles
 There's that pose again
 What a cool dude
 Abby took this one of Chrissy and I.  I Love this picture!
 A Family shot in front of the waterfall
 Chrissy and the boy hiking along
 And he's off...
 Anything she can do I can do better...

On the way back into Jasper I made the kids jump out and take a few pictures in front of the Jasper Sign...

 Can you tell they're hungry for lunch after our big hike?

After lunch we went to go up to the top of Whistler Mountain on the tram.  On the way we saw this huge Bull Elk.  He was on the side of the road.  Truly Awesome!

The Elk are so big.  This Bull's antlers were huge!

Time to go up the Tram

Kids in front of the Tramway sign
Abs with Jasper the Bear at the Tram
Mum and Boy in the Tram
Dad and girl in the Tram

We got a great clear day at the top of Whistler Mountain.  So clear we could see the top of Mount Robson (Tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies).  Mount Robson is 88 km from Jasper.
The peak in the middle is Mount Robson
A Family pic
The kids with a mountain skyline behind them
Big Smiles
Big Zach
My little Lady
The girls
The boys
Me and my beautiful wife
Oh La La
Big B at the top of Whistler Mountain
Lil C looking good
We moved to the other side of the chalet and took a few pics overlooking the town of Jasper
The kids with Jasper in the background
Great pic. Kids call it sitting cris cross apple sauce
A goofy smile from Zachy
Abs took this one of Chrissy and I
I am not sure what I was doing in this picture but it's pretty funny. Hulk Smash!

As we were about to head into the chalet for a snack a little chipmunk came up to the kids and even though we had no food practically got right into Zach's hand

Hello little guy
Come here little guy
And after giving Zach a few licks we headed inside for snacks (After washing our hands :) )
A Picture of the Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course
The Town of Jasper
My little Diva
Abs having an ice cream
Big B with a nice hot bowl of soup

After we got back down we went back to the hotel to relax and enjoy the room.  For dinner we went to a local family restaurant, the L&W

At our table
Abs at the L&W

After dinner we headed out to the Miette Hot Springs.  It is about 50 km from Jasper.
On our way to the Hot Springs we saw some more Elk
Chrissy got a few nice shots of the sun setting on the mountains through the truck window

When we arrived at the Hot Springs we we greeted by some more wild life
Abs with a bunch of Mountain Goats behind her
Abby and the Goats

We then went in and enjoyed sitting in the hot springs.  We learned that the water comes out of the mountain at 54 C and they cool it down to 40 C for the pool.

After we got out the goats were still there munching on the grass

Then it was back to the hotel for jammies and snacks before bed
Pretty cute kids

On Sunday we got up, went to Lou Lou's for breakfast and then walked the main street of Jasper checking out the cool little shops.

The kids with Jasper the Bear
Family shot with Jasper
Chrissy and I hugging the bear
The kids doing booty shakes with Jasper
Here are the kids checking out a big Train Engine
A Big thumbs up for the Train.  If you know Zach you will understand how cool this was for him!!!
3 scary looking bears
The kids pointing to a sign of my broker I deal with in Jasper, Carlton Insurance Brokers.
Mama and her 3 bear cubs
Another train for the kids to play on.  This one is more their size...
Abs in the caboose

After walking the streets we made our last stop the Bears Paw Bakery and then headed back home

Here I am enjoying a Cinnamon Bear Claw

All in all we had a great weekend.  Some great quality family time!


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