Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Abby's 6th Birthday Party

On Saturday We celebrated Abby's 6th birthday.  We had a party at her Salto Gymnastics club.  It was awesome!  The kids got to try out all the different gymnastics stations and we had two teachers there to help the kids out and show them how it's done.  We then had Cake and Presents.  Abby had so much fun with all of her friends.  Here are some pictures from the party:

 Stretching before they start
 I can't do this :)
 Ryan jumping all proper on the Trampoline
 Abs climbing the rope.  I was pretty impressed with how high she can climb
 I told the girls I'd call this picture "Divas"
 Joe flipped upside down
 Kassidy and Ava
 Abs on the rope with Ava watching
 Logan swinging on the rings
 Abby F flying high
 Ryan on the Trampoline again
 Ally jumping high and touching her toes
 And sliding into the pit of foam
 Jonah flying into the pit 
 Zach finishing off a somersault
 Abby flying off the high pommel horse into the pit
 I like this pic. Abs with a big jump
 Ava jumping in
 Abs in the foam
 Jonah on the trampoline
 Logan flying

Chrissy and I were watching the kids jumping into the pit and it looked like so much fun so we asked if we could go...
 First Chrissy
 Then me...

 Waiting patiently
 Very well behaved kids
 Big Zach climbing the rope
 And flipping over the bar
 Pria climbing the rope
 Following the birthday girl leader
 Alyssa chasing the crew with Jonah hot on her tail
 Ainsley on the rope
 Again, I couldn't do this! Abby, Cera and Alyssa
 Jack swinging like Tarzan
 Ryan climbing the rope
 Jack on the rings

Time for a group picture.  These are funny.  It is impossible to get 16 kids to all smile and look at the camera at the same time so I have posted all 3 I took...

 Silly birthday girl
 Not Bad...
 Big Smiles

Back for free time and guess where they all went?  The Pit!!!

 Another good one of Abby flying super high
 Logan on the Monkey Bars
 Joe on the Parallel Bars
 Logan swinging
 Abs again heading into the pit
 Zach's turn
 Superman Perry
 Lined up. What great kids.  We had no problems.  They were all so well behaved and had so much fun.  Its so awesome that Abby has such a great group of friends!
 Jack heading out of the pit
 The birthday cake. Ferries this year
 The Gang
 Blowing out the candles
 How many boyfriends Abs?
 Abs and her best bud Cera being silly
 Ava and Kassidy
 Innes, Abby F and Alyssa
 Zach and Jonah being...well...boys...
 Pria and Ainsley
 Who's kid is that?
 Uncle Ian...my oh my...
 Time for presents
 Spoiled rotten!
 The adults taking it all in
 A great smile from Ryan
 Nice tongue Ally!
 What a great group of kids
 Uncle B and Logan

After presents we had about 10 minutes to kill before the parents started arriving.  Auntie Sue had a great idea and we got the kids to play graveyard.  It was very funny!  Some of these kids were VERY good at it!

Saturday night we went over to my Ma and Pa's to celebrate Abby and Uncle Steve's birthdays.  They got to blow out the candles together.
 Huff and puff and...
Blow the candles out!

Happy Birthday Abby!!!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Happy Birthday Abby - I can't believe you are six!! Love, Granny xx

Anonymous said...

Abs, in the video of daddy jumping into the pit, were you trying to wrestle with him or rescue him?
Looks like you and your friends ahd a good time
Happy Birthday

Grandpa xox