Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Big Zach's 4th Birthday

Zach turned 4 years old on October 30th.  We had a party for him on Saturday.  He had a bunch of his friends over and we had a great time.  Everyone dressed up and the kids got to make haunted gingerbread houses, hit a pinata, have lunch, open presents and eat cupcakes.  Zach had a lot of fun with all his little buddies.

Batman Jonah and Pink Leopard Abs making their houses
 Logan and Katie making their house
 Witch Grammee and little Aubrey dressed up as a strawberry
 Auntie Megs as a construction worker
 Auntie Megan as a hippie
 Waldo Mum and Race Car driver Zach making their house.  The Sponge Bob behind them is Grandad
 Veterinarian Ally with her football playing dad behind her
 How cute is Aubrey?
 Fireman Jack and his haunted house
 Zachy with his finished haunted house
 That's kinda a sinister smile Ally...hehehe
 Another great smile from the birthday boy
 Luke, Josh and Katie playing
 Time for the Pinata.  Zach's first
 Then Ally
 Robin Logan takes a mighty swing
Pink Leopard Abby getting ready to swing
 Josh nailed the pinata good!
 Luke took a swing
 Katie the cupcake took her turn
 Katie's big brother Jack hit the pinata right on the hood!
 We saved Batman Jonah for last as we knew he'd be able to lay a beating on the pinata
 Candy for everyone
 Gather it all up
 Time to open some presents with Daddy dressed as Archie
 All the kids sitting great watching Zach open the presents they got for him
 What a great looking vet
 Zach loved all his presents
Archie reading the cards to Race Car Driver Zach
 Jack and Zach waiting patiently for lunch
 A great smile from Logan
 Grammee just couldn't get enough of little Aubrey
 Logan cracking the girls up during lunch
 Apparently the couch can fit 3 fat guys :)
 The Cars Cupcake cake
 He's so excited!
 And get ready to blow
 He's so proud of himself
 Looks like Ally is in heaven eating her cupcake
 There's my beautiful little Abby dressed up as a pink leopard
 Katie and her Mom sharing a cupcake
 Archie Andrews and Waldo
 Logan enjoying his cupcake
 Of course the kids like to show off their food...gross...
 A cupcake smile from Jonah
 Luke enjoying his cupcake
 The boys goofing off
 Logan and the girls goofing off again
 Jonah showing off his cupcake
Grandad had enough of his Sponge Bob costume. Just relaxing taking it all in.
 Uncle Mike the Doctor and Grammee...again...not letting go of Aubrey...
 Here's a picture of the crew.  What a great group of kids!  Zach is blessed with some awesome family and friends!
 I LOVE this picture! My little pink leopard and her cousin Aubrey
 Zach playing with his new Farm set with his Auntie Megs

Last night we went out to Montana's to celebrate Zach's birthday.  He was so excited to wear the moose hat!
 Happy Birthday Zach!  Looking good Mr. Moose!
Zach and Grammee

Happy Birthday Zachary!!!

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