Saturday, October 20, 2012

Justin Bieber

On Monday the 15th Chrissy and I gave Abby an early birthday present.  Tickets to the Justin Bieber concert.  She was Soooooooooooo excited!  It was so perfect because Carly Ray Jepsen opened for Bieber and Abby LOVES the song "Call Me Maybe".  Abs and Chrissy had a blast.  I think Abby will remember her first concert forever!

 The girls before the concert
 Dinner at BP's on the way to the concert
 Abby's first concert ticket
 At Rexall before the concert started
 Mum and Abs
 Cotton Candy! Lucky Girl
 Big Smile
 Bieber Twins
Carly Ray Jepsen
 Justin Bieber
 Above the crowd
 Excited. Singing and dancing with her new glowstick
 After the show.  The girls had such a great time together!

Here's a couple of videos of the concert.  One of Abs singing to Carly Ray's "Call me Maybe" and the other to Justin Bieber's "Baby"

"Call me Maybe"

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