Monday, October 08, 2012

Vegas Baby

One week ago I was about to go to bed and Chrissy handed me a card.  It was an anniversary card that said she had arranged time off with my boss and she was taking me away on a mini 4 day vacation.  The catch was that she was not telling me where we were going. I spent all of Monday to Wednesday trying to figure it out and then we left the kids with Brian and Anne and took off.  I figured we were flying somewhere but then Chrissy, to throw me off the trail, made a snacks bag for a "Road Trip". Well as we were approaching the airport turn off she swerved from the middle lane onto the airport exit and told me we were heading to Vegas.  I was pumped.  She had booked us in at the Mirage and we had tickets to a few shows. MY WIFE RULES!

Waiting to take off to Vegas
Chrissy in front of Caesars Palace
A beautiful fountain at Caesars
In front the Belagio Fountain
The Belagio
Enjoying the sun
Chrissy in front of the DC store giving the Salvation Army Salute
Me in front of a cool NFL Display in the NIKE store
Is that Rodgers striking a pose in the NIKE store?
Waiting for the Monorail
Chrissy in front of a fountain at the Mirage
Our hotel, the Mirage. I recommend it!
Chrissy's first Margarita at the Outback
Is that a dolphin sneaking up on Chrissy?
Chrissy in front of the Paris hotel Eiffel tower
The Belagio and Caesars lit up
Chris and I having fun
Relaxing by the pool
Big B enjoying the rays
Enjoying a cool drink on a hot day
Playing a little poker slots

We say the cirque show Ka on Friday night and then my wife surprised me with tickets to Batman Live.  It was only in Vegas this week so it was PERFECT timing.  The show was very cool.  A lot of fun!
I was a little giddy.  This is me in front of some cool Lego statues
Me in front of the stage below
Gothem City
Chrissy and I in front of the stage.  We had floor seats. very close to all the action!
The Joker and Harliquin
The Joker flying in by balloon
Batman waiting on Joker
Here's Joker
Bruce Wayne showing Dick Grayson the Batmobile
Backdrop of Gothem
The bad guys breaking out of Arkum Asylum lead by  Catwoman, Riddler, Penguin and Two-Face
Joker and the Penguin taking Batman down
Batman and Robin
The cast
Robin and Batman
This was the view of the strip from our hotel room
Chris and I in front of the Mirage sign
The Mirage lit up at night
Big B in front of the Mirage
Chrissy with a fun Pineapple cup
Chrissy in front of the ship at Treasure Island
The two of us in front of the ship
As most of you know by our Facebook updates, Chrissy and I loved the restaurant the Cheesecake Factory.  We went 6 times in 4 days and loved every meal.  Here's a shot of Chrissy with one of the cheesecakes
We did a lot of shopping and this was the best buy of the weekend.  This is a sweet one piece jammie romper. Super Comfy...and stylish....
In front of the Cirque LOVE sign
Chrissy getting in on the act
Sweet glasses Chrissy
Hanging out in BB Kings Lounge
Chrissy back in front of the Belagio Fountains
A Card Abby had made for us that was sitting on Chrissy's pillow when we got home


kristen said...

That card is adorable - and I'm impressed with the surprise - well done Chrissy!

Question - what does it say before Abby on the card? I can't figure it out...

G-8 Summit said...

Hi Kristen,
It says Mostly Abby. She wanted to make sure we knew that she missed us most and did the majority of the card :)
What a goofball!