Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween 2012

The first few pictures are some more I found from Zach's Party last Saturday

Big B or Archie Andrews?  Thanks to Mum-in-law Anne for making me the pants and Chrissy for making the sweater vest. So awesome!
Waldo Mum and Race Car Driver Zach
Gallitown all dressed up
Pink Leopard Abby
Uncle Mike and Abs showing off their new Tattoos
The two doctors. Uncle Mike and Alyssa
Hippie Auntie Megan and Waldo Mum

Last Saturday night after Zach's party we went over to the Russell's tp carve some pumpkins for Halloween
Zach and I getting started
Ally digging out the guts of her pumpkin
 Abby and Mum getting messy
 Zach scooping out the guts
 Zach drawing his pumpkin creation
 Abby with an awesome drawing on her pumpkin
 Abs starting to carve
 Zach with his finished pumpkin
 The kids pumpkins. From left to right: Ally's. Zachy's, Abby's and Sydney's
 The kids and their creations
 Adults turn!!!   
 Sue's Sweet traditional model
 Steve's very cool Patriots Symbol
 My Mummy...very scary...
 Chrissy's fun loving Frankenstein
 Megan's very intricate skeleton
 All together lit up

The next few pictures are from Halloween night. A cold one here in Edmonton.  Windy and -10 C with snow.  Didn't slow the kids down though.  They had a blast!
 Batman and a Pink Leopard in their snow suits
Cool Batman, Very cool
 Strike a pose
 Our first stop? Grandad and Grammee's house
 Grandad giving out chips
 Grammee checking out the little ones
 The cutest Mickey Mouse I have ever seen!!!
 These are the 4 most awesome kids in the whole world. They are so cool!

Time to Trick or Treat

 Ally having SO MUCH FUN! Think she's excited?
 The 3 Musketeers
 Batman, the Pink Leopard and a Veterinarian
 Catch up Mickey :)

We then headed home and did some trick or treating around our neighborhood

 On the front step before they take off
What great kids braving the cold. Great picture showing the snow coming down!

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