Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Winter Pics taken by Courtney Lynn

On Saturday my Cousin Courtney of Courtney Lynn Photography took a few picture of our family and then the Russell's joined us for some great family pictures. As always, Courtney gets some GREAT shots! Enjoy

 A nice picture of Gallitown
 A couple of cute girls running through the snow
 The kids.  Ally, Sydney, Abby and Zach.  A Great big smile from Zach in this pic!
 My beautiful daughter
 Strike a pose ladies!
 The whole crew!  A Great picture!
 More Gallitown
 Look up Zach :)
 A nice winter scene
 I like this pic.  I Love my family!!!
 The beauty queens again
 A couple of snow princesses
 A good one of Steve and Syd
 Time for a nice pic of the boys...fist we wrestle...
 The I try and flip him...
 Then a quick pose! hahaha
We call this picture Modern Family!  hahaha

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