Saturday, December 15, 2012

Abby's School Christmas Concert

Last night was Abby's School Christmas Concert.  I can't even begin to explain how proud Chrissy, Zach and I are of Abby!  She did an amazing job and is just so perfect (I'm aloud to say that cause she's my daughter :) ).  Grammee, Grandad and the Russells joined us at the concert to watch Abby sing.  Below are a few pictures and the videos of the three songs Abby sang.

 My beautiful daughter ready to go to the concert
 Syd hanging with Grammee waiting for the concert to begin
 Abby on stage
 A big smile. Abby is standing by one of her best friends, Abby F.
 Some nervous excitement
And everyone wave to Mom and Dad

Here are videos of the 3 songs Abby sang.  The theme of the concert was Christmas Everywhere, all around the world.  Each grade sang a song from a different place in the world.  Abby's class was from Ireland and sang a popular Christmas song called "Christmas in Killarney".

"It's Christmas everywhere" (all)
"Christmas in Killarney" (Grade 1)
"It's Christmas everywhere" (Closing theme - all)

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