Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 has been fantastic.  A little quieter than past years but all in all a great few days at Gallitown.

Christmas Eve we got dressed up in our best for the annual Christmas Candle Light Service at Church

 My very handsome boy and beautiful girl
 Wow she is growing so fast!
What a Goofball
 Now that is one good looking family (Expect my hair is REALLY bad haha)

After the service Mike, Megan and Aubrey and my parents came over for some treats and quality family time

 Uncle Mike and Zachy playing
 What are you doing wrapped up in the car mat Zach?
 Grammee and Abs
 Abby in her new Christmas eve Jammies saying hi to Aubrey
Uncle B and little Aubrey
 Auntie Megan
 Grandad and Abs
Abby showing off a new book bag she got from Grammee and Grandad on Christmas Eve
This is Zach showing the cars he got from Grammee and Grandad
 Gramme and little Aubrey
Daddy Daughter time
Baby Aubrey (3 Months old)
 I think someone is getting a little tired...

Then it was time for Christmas Morning.  Here's a video of the kids coming out of their rooms so see what Santa brought them.

 Abby got a desk from Santa
 Zach got a Lego table from Santa
 Big Duke got a Duke sized bone from Santa
 Bear got a Big Bone for Duke to steal from her later hehe
 Zach checking out his stocking
 Abs digging in
 This is Zach opening up the Lego clock he got from Abby
 Abby opening up the girl Lego, Pink monster truck and Moshie Monsters she got from Zach
 We got a new Bulldog for Christmas...
 Oh wait, that's Zach in his new Bulldog housecoat
 Mummy opening up the purse she got from Abby
 Hugs for Bear Bear
 Big Duke and his bone. 
 Abby wearing a Big Poppa's girl toque she got from me
 Some cool beads (She's going to make me an Oiler bracelet!!!
 Zach got lots of Lego for Christmas which he LOVED! (And so did I)
 Abby showing off her desk after we moved it into her room
 Big Daddy and Zachy building Legos
 Abs building her Lego she got from Zach. She did awesome.  I was SO impressed!
 Chrissy cooking Christmas diner!  She did awesome! It was delicious!!!

My Grandma, Ma and Pa came over for Christmas dinner.

 Grandma opening up some of her presents
 The gang ready for dinner

On Boxing day we made brunch and Uncle Mike, Auntie Megan and Aubrey came over
 Abs opening up presents from Uncle Mike, Auntie Megan and Aubrey
 Watching the kids open presents
 Hugs for Aubrey and Auntie Megan
 Auntie Megan and Aubrey
 Zach playing with his rocket launcher her got from Uncle Mike, Auntie Megan and Aubrey
 Abs and Aubs
 Time for a Venables classic - SMASH CARS.  I suck at this game and totally embarrassed my wife :)
 Abby just can't get enough of her cousin
 I took this picture to study Mike's winning smash car design and be ready for our next match!
 Skype'ing with the Venables clan in Ottawa
 Zach making his smash car
 Abby was in heaven holding her little cousin
 And well, so was I.  She is so AWESOME!
 Sleeping with Uncle B

Later that night it was time for Gallimore Christmas over at my Ma and Pa's

 Dinner time.  Notice this side of the table is crazy and out of control (Pa's side)
 And this side is perfect and smiling! (Ma's side)
 This is such a bad picture but I love it. Bad hair, wonky look on my face but man that turkey leg was good!!!
 Auntie Sue and Syd opening up presents from Grammee and Grandad
 Big Zach opening while Big Pappa looks on
 Syd and her Mama
 Ally and her Daddy opening up gifts
 Love the new touque you got Abs!
 So does your Mum
 Abs watching Auntie open her gifts
  Ally watching her Daddy open his presents
 Ally and Uncle Steve smiling
 Chrissy laughing at Abs in her awesome Touque
Syd starting to play with her new toys

We had a great Christmas.  I can't believe it's already over...only 363 days till next year :)

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