Sunday, December 23, 2012

Grandma's 84th Birthday Party

December 21st was my Grandma's 84th Birthday.  Yesterday we celebrated with family.  We had a great time over at Grandma's place doing some crafts, having some good eats and enjoying some quality Family time.

 Abs and Zach with Great Grandma
 Me and Grandma
 Chrissy and the kids making some Christmas place mats
 Zach cutting out some pictures
 Abby cutting out her pictures
 Grandma watching the kids craft
 Grammee fooling around sitting on Great Grandma
 Zach chowing down with Great Grandma looking on
 Auntie Linda, Abs and her Mum
 Uncle Barry
 Madi and goofy Zachy
 Auntie Madi and Zach
 Chloe and Abs
 Jason and Katelyn
 Madi making Abby laugh
 Time for cake
 I Love this picture of Grandma
 blowing out the candles
 Crazy Uncle Jeff and Zachy
 Abs and Lexi crafting
 A couple of smiling beautiful girls
 Logan taking a picture of me taking a picture of him
 The great Grand Kids: Logan, Lexi, Abby, Jonah and Zach
 All the Grand Kids: Katelyn, Jason, Chloe, Logan, Madi, Abby, Lexi, Jonah, Zach, Chrissy, Me, Bethany and Keith
 What a motley crew
The Kids: Barry, Linda, Morley, Jan, Grandma Grace, Jeff, Bob and Fran

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