Sunday, December 09, 2012

Skating for the first time this winter

On Saturday afternoon we took the kids skating for the first time this winter.  We have started a little later then last year.  We've been busy with gymnastics, swimming and Sportsball and I the flu has hit us all over the last month.  That being said, we had a GREAT time and realized how much we missed Family skate time.  We have all made a promise to each other to go a couple of times next week :)

Here are some pictures and videos from Saturday afternoon

 Abby using a skating aid on her first trip around the rink
 Abby Cruising
 Big smiles from Zach
 Chrissy striking a pose
 Zach smiling and giggling all around the rink
 Mum, Zach and Abs taking a break
 Zach Zooming around
 Abby chasing Daddy
 The kids taking off on us
 Abby chasing Zachy
My beautiful daughter taking a break
 Mum and Zachy
 Abs and Mum
 He got going so fast I couldn't get a good picture
 Man my daughter is beautiful and getting big...oh geez
 Zach coming to crash into Abby and I
 Big Daddy and Big Eddy

Daddy with Abby and Zachy

Below are a few videos of the kids skating for the first time since April

Abby out skating for the first time this winter
Zach on his first trip around the rink
Abby skating without a skating aid. So Awesome!
Zach cruisin' around the rink

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Anonymous said...

Commentator sounds a little rough! Cold arenas aren't good for a cold but a great place to be with the kids to teach them to skate.

They are both doing great and Abby went "unassisted" Well done Abs!

Love Granny and Grandpa