Sunday, December 30, 2012

Skating with the Russells and Reiters

Yesterday we went out to Cardiff and went skating on the outdoor rink with the Russells and Reiters.  It was only the second time Zach has skated with just a hockey stick and he did AWESOME!  Abby continued to impress too.  I can't believe how good she is on her skates.  She was pulling Syd around the rink on a sled!!!  After skating we went over to Brad and Tara's for an awesome dinner and the kids got to play together.  Great evening!

 Abby pulling the sled looking for someone to give a ride
 Big Zach
 Dad and Zach
 Zach showing me his skating skills
 Abby pulling Syd in the sled
 The gang skating around
 Zach chasing the puck
 Getting his balance
 Bad pass Daddy! Not on the tape :)
Big Shot!!

Here's a little video of us playing around on the rink

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