Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013 Part 3

More pictures from Gallitown over the Christmas Season...

 Great Grandad singing karaoke with Abigail

One morning we decided to go bowling.  What a great idea.  We had so much fun!

 Abs & Aubs
 Grandpa's in on this pic
 Great Granny bowling
 Big B wearing the blue & orange
 Mum and daughter
 Rose between 2 thorns????
 The gang
 Mike in action
 Abby tried bowling all sorts of ways
Not too shabby!
 Grandpa going for a strike
 Nice form!
 Great job Great Granny!
 Great Grandad strutting his stuff
 Good form

 The Greats bowling together! Awesome!
 Chrissy looking good
 Some good form sweets! She kicked my butt!!!
 Chrissy and Megan same time

Megan willing the ball...come on strike!
 Abs trying to bowl like the adults
 She did pretty well
 Atta girl
 Zach and Great Grandad bowling same time
 Great Granny and her Granddaughter Chrissy
 Granny bowling
 Looks good
 The gang cheering everyone on
 I like this picture
 Big Zachy bowling
 Two Handed
 Ohhhhh so close
 And the best bowler of them all...Miss Aubrey Venables

After bowling we headed back to Gallitown to relax for a bit

 Abs doing a giant crossword with Great Grandad and Great Granny
 Zach painting with Great Grandad
 The two of them did a fantastic job
 Abby doing some more word puzzles with Great Grandad.
 Bear sucking up to Grandpa for a pet
 Abs doing a Crossword puzzle that Great Grandad made for her
 Cuddle time (This doesn't happen often)
 Big Duke relaxing
 Granny working on building Zach's LEGO castle he got for Christmas
 Bear relaxing
 Abby took this pic.  It's of the Army band playing in front of the golf store
 Abs cuddling with Dukey
 Bear wants in
 Family pic
 The Greats with the Grandkids
 Another shot of the youngster with the Great Grandparents
 A good one with just Aubrey
 Granny playing smash Cars with Zachy

Castle is all finished!

Last night we all went to Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate Great Granny and Grandads 60th anniversary.  Their actual anniversary is January 30th but we decided to surprise them with a celebration while they were here with Family.  It was very inspiring to hear all the great stories. What a wonderful evening!

 60 Years!!!! Congratulations!
 Mum and her handsome boy Zachy
 Opening up some cards from the family
 Good laughs all night
 The Venables
 Granny with Aubs and Mikey
 Me with my wifey and Big Eddie
This is a great picture taken back at Mike's house after dinner.  Turned out great!

It's been an awesome Christmas season!  Lots of fun with Family and Friends!  See you all in the New Year