Monday, January 28, 2013

From PBone to Tobogganing

January 24th was my Birthday and I had such an awesome day.  Chrissy and the kids spoiled me rotten and I got to spend some quality time with the Family.

 At Olive Garden with Chrissy and my boy for lunch
 At Montana's for dinner with my Ma & Pa, the Russell's, Uncle Ian and of course Gallitown
 I look so goofy. Like a little boy so excited to be sang too :)
 Me and my girl

Earlier that day Chrissy and the kids gave me my presents and I was SO EXCITED when I opened up the PBone.  A PBone is basically a plastic Trombone.  The neat thing is it sounds exactly (or pretty close) to a brass trombone.  It is going to be so much fun to play!
 Opening up the PBone
 Playing for the kids
 Big Zach giving it a go. I was proud of both Abby and Zach.  They were able to get a pretty decent sound out and love to play it.
 Playing for Abs.  Then she wanted to Bieber so we downloaded some sheet music and...
 "Baby" by Justin Bieber.  If you listen really close you'll hear Abs singing along!

 Big Eddy playing some more PBone

Saturday morning we headed to Salto for Gymnastics.  Both kids are having so much fun and learning lots

 Abs on Balance Beam
 Zach goofing off
 And a somersault

Below are two videos of Abby.  She is doing so awesome and is now in a level where she is learning some cool things.

 On the Parallel Bars
 Climbing the rope.  She says next week she is going to make it to the blue tape at the top!

Saturday afternoon we went tobogganing with the Russells.  There is a great hill right by their house.

 The 3 Musketeers
 Zach cruising down the hill
 Mum and Abs getting ready to roll
 My 2 snow bunnies climbing up
 These two are inseparable! Getting ready to race
 Ready? Set? Go!
 Oh Oh. Here comes Uncle!
 Looking Good!!!
 Big Eddy carrying up his new sled
 Uncle getting Zachy ready.  Check out the big smile on Zach in this pick!
 Abs and her Big Daddy ready to go down
 Ally climbing up with Uncle B
 The sun was shining and it was warm. Perfect day for sledding!
 Big Rosy cheeks like...
 Her Big Poppa
 Ready to race your dad Zach?
 He is going down backwards and still beats me!
 My beautiful daughter
 Moose and Shark. Why wouldn't they be best friends?
 Here goes Auntie Sue!
 Now this is as cute as it gets!
 Syd going down with Auntie Chrissy
 Big smiles from little Sydney
 I Love this picture! Great smiles
 Looking good Abs
 Syd wants to go with her Daddy
 The best looking girls on the hill
 Oh geez...this can't be good!
 The 3 Musketeers ready to roll

Sunday afternoon we went to Glen Allen Rec Centre to do some skating

 Abs and Zachy taking a break
 Abs chasing Zach
 Ally in her sweet new pink helmet skating with her Dad
 Miss Alyssa
 Big Eddy
 Man I love these kids
 The girls resting up before they head back out
A Rose between 2 thorns?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some Random Pics From The Last 2 Weeks

This is a post to catch up on some random pictures and videos from the last 2 weeks.

Fist some family skating at Glen Allen Rec Centre

 Abs getting ready to skate
 The kids ready to go.  Zachy's wearing the new jersey he got from Granny and Grandpa for Christmas
 Family Pic
Mum and Zachy
Abby continues to improve.  Her skating is getting so good!
Big Zach skating Blue line to Blue line
The kids racing
Abby pulling her Mum

Now for a few random pics

 My latest smash car
 Big Zach last week before the Seahawks game.  Too bad the Seahawks lost :(
 Zach has been loving wearing Camo lately.  We say he looks like Uncle Si and the guys from Duck Dynasty (See Below)
 Willie, Phil and Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty
  The other night it was beautiful out and Abs and Mum were out shopping so Zach and I walked over to Grammee and Grandad's to drop some stuff off.  Guess who got to ride in the sled while Dad pulled?

Kids went to the dentist Tuesday evening.  They did a great job.  No Cavities and Abby, at the time of the appointment, had 4 loose teeth...this changes quickly...
 Abs getting her check up
  Big Smiles
 Zach ready to get his check up
 No Cavities!!!

Then, later that night...

  Abby lost her first tooth!!!

It's that time of year again and Steve and I have decided to dye our hair pink for a month and then shave it bald on February 15th for the Hair Massacure.  We are once again raising money for the Children's stollery to help fight against long term life threatening diseases.  I'll be sending out an e-mail, updating the blog and updating Facebook looking for donations shortly :)

  They decided to bleach my hair first. I look like I should be riding the waves in California!
 Going Pink...
 And the finished product...YIKES!!!

Yesterday afternoon Abby went to a birthday party. She looked so grown up in her party clothes

 Yikes! She looks 15. This scares Daddy!!!
  I think this is a sign of things to come...sigh...

While Abby was partying, Mum went shopping and Big Zach and I went skating to Millenium
  Big Daddy and Zachy
 Zach skating away
 Thumbs up!
  More thumbs up
 Watching some kids skating on the big rink
 Zachy skating around getting his bearings
 Skating from the girls eye to the kings eye and then a thumbs up
 After skating Zach and I hit McDonald's for lunch

Yesterday afternoon/evening was amazing!  The Russells, Burgess' and Chrissy & I decided no gifts for Christmas and instead to have a fun, kid-free, night out.  It ended up being absolutely perfect.  First we went to the Melting Pot and had an amazing Fondue 4 course dinner.  We then hit Gateway bowling for 2 games of 10 pin bowling.

 G is Susan, C is Steve, M is Megan, S is Chrissy, Big B is me and C is Ian.  Scores below...
 That's right!  I shot a 178 my first game.  As you can see it was a fluke scoring 91 on my second game :).  We had lots of fun with lots of laughs!  After bowling we tried a new Mini golf place called Monster Mini Golf.  It was very cool and lots of fun.  I really want to take the kids there now!
Chrissy in front of one of the Monsters

After Mini Golf we went to Moxie's for dessert and drinks.  What a great evening!

That's it for now...until next time, Keep fit and have fun