Thursday, January 03, 2013

New Years Eve

We had a great New Years Eve this year.  We went to the Sherwood Park Festival at The Community Centre/Festival Place/Arena.  It was awesome.  The County does a great job and set up a family fun night and all for free.  We hung out with the Russells and the Burgess'.  Great night.  Lots of laughs and good fun.

 Abby at the Salto Gymnastics center
 A big Log Roll from Zachy
 And Abs
 Zach getting some help on the balance beam
 Big smiles
 Doing some flips
 Atta girl Abs
 Big Jumps
Nice moves Abby
 Starting a safari hat craft
 Ally working on her hat
 Mom helping Syd with her hat
 Big concentration from Zachy
 Safari Syd
 Syd with Auntie Megs and Safari Zach
 Safari Zach
 Abs still working
 Safari Ally
 Zach watching some of the shows. Hawaiian dancers oh la la
 Safari B and Sister G
 Safari B
 What a great looking couple!
 Safari Abs
 Safari Steve
 Oh Geez...

We then headed outside and played in the snow a bit before the Fireworks started

 Best Buds
 The kids...and Syd's ride...pose in front of the Lion Snow sculpture
 Zach petting some sled dogs
 Snow Angel time
 The girls playing
 Big smiles from the kiddies
 Abs relaxing
 Snow Angel from Zachy
 Playing in the snow
 Hi Zachy
 Oh Oh. Uncle Ian got in on the act.  Get him kids!!!
 The gang
 Syd and Abs playing
 Love birds
 The Fireworks begin

We had a great night.  Headed back to the Russell's after the festival, put the kids down, ate way to much food and celebrated.

Happy New Year

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