Thursday, January 10, 2013

Smash Cars

There is a game the Venables clan invented that has took Gallitown by storm.


You have a set time yo build your Lego car.  Better make it as strong as you can because you need to build it to last.  After the cars are done, well, you smash them.  Only item you can put back on is the wheels.  Everything else stays off.  Once your man gets knocked out of the car, or your car is demolished, you lose.

Uncle Mike is the reigning champ but I have been training to take him down the next time we meet!!!

Here's a few pictures and videos from Smash Cars a few nights ago...

 My Truck
 Zach's Smash Car
 Here's Bear checking out my Smash Car
Mommy with her car

Here are a few interviews with the contestants and then the match.  By the way, Abby is doing all the filming and picture taking!!!

Zach giving his pre match interview
Daddy getting ready to Smash
 Mommy thinking her car is the best
The Smash Car Battle

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