Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hair Massacure Bald is Beautiful

Last night was the Hair Massacure.  Steve, Zachy and I went pink and helped raise money that goes towards helping children with long term illnesses.  The three of us managed to raise over $5,000.  Thanks to everyone who supported us!  We were so proud of Big Zach as he shaved his head with no hesitation!  It was a great night with lots of smiles, lots of laughs and even a few tears (Chrissy when Zach started shaving his head).

 Zach and I before the shave...Very proud of my boy
 Big Zach showing his shaving bracelet
 Abs was a great big sister and cheered on her brother
 Zach and I again getting closer
 Uncle Steve starting to get pumped
 Zach showing Mum his Lanyard
 It's time!
 Uncle, Zachy and I getting ready to shave
 Big smiles.  The whole night he was smiling. so awesome
 Here we go
 Uncle first
 Zachy's turn
 Time to get rid of this mop
 Uncle and Daddy watching big Zach
 Half done
 I'm getting close to done
 If you look close you'll see they shaved a heart into the side of Zachy's head
 These two girls were so awesome cheering their Dads and Zach on
 A better picture of the heart in the side of Zachy's head
 Abby got to help shave part of our heads
 Time to shave Daddy's head
 Almost done
 I was so thankful to get all that hair off
 Uncle Ian and Auntie Megs came and helped cheer us on from the upper level
 Abs finishing up Zach's head
 All done
 This was Zach seeing his head for the first time. First a little bit of shock and then...
A HUGE SMILE and giggles
 Bald IS Beautiful
 I love this picture.  Very proud of the three of us
 The kids checking out the huge Pink Poodle
They loved the Pink Puppy

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