Sunday, March 31, 2013

Family Vacation: Montreal Days 1 - 4

After we checked out the Museum it was time to drive to Montreal.  It wasn't a long drive, 2 hours in total.  And...we made it!!!

After we settled in to Granny and Grandpa's house we decided to take a drive to check out some of the city.  We ended up at the top of Mount Royal.  Up there we could see a good portion of the city.  Great views!

Grandpa pointing things out to me
Gallitown at the top of Mount Royal
Over looking the city of Montreal
Me and my beautiful wife
Granny and the kids exploring
A nice view
A portion of downtown
All smiles
The kids and their Grandparents
Me and my girl
My little Diva

On Wednesday we decided to take the kids to a movie.  We went to the old Montreal Forum (Where the Canadians used to play).  They have turned it into a giant movie theatre with lots of old Canadians gear, games, restaurants and more.  Very Cool!

Eating in the Forum
Thumbs up
Pretty Girls
Looking Good!
Up until about 2 minutes before the show we were the only ones in the theatre!
We went and saw "the Croods".  It was a great movie.  We all loved it!
Abby up in the old Forum stands with a Habs fan
Looking down on the center of the complex.  Very cool what they have done with the place!  It would be neat if they did something like that back in Edmonton.

On Thursday we went on another adventure to Mount Saint Gregoire and go to a Sugar Shack to see how Maple Syrup is made

Zach with Granny and Grandpa on a Sleigh Ride
Abs checking out the Maple Tree Forest
Abs with her Ma & Pa
A Maple tree that's been tapped.  There were hundreds of these cans being filled with syrup
Abby wanted me to get a picture with the horses
Arriving back at the shack
Grandpa and Abs with the horses.  These pictures are for Grandad back home as he considers himself a Clydesdale
Zach, Granny and the Horse
We went into the sugar shack and they poured fresh maple syrup onto a blanket of snow for us.  You then take a Popsicle stick in the syrup and roll it onto the stick and you have yourself a maple syrup Popsicle.  Very good!!!!
Making our maple syrup Popsicles
Chrissy in front of the sugar shack

We then went into the barn and they serve you a fantastic lunch
Big B sporting a pose by the fireplace
All of a sudden the food just starts appearing. Ham, Eggs, Sausage, beets, pickles, buns, beans, Cretan, pork rinds, and more
Me and Abs eating lunch
Zach drinking a cup o tea (water)
This is me eating Cretan on a bun.  I promised one of Abby's daycare teachers who is from Quebec that I'd try it.  I did. It was...ok. It's a beef/pork pate you spread on bread.
Abs having some milk
The petting zoo
Now that is one good lookin' goat!
Time for another horse ride
"Man that horse stinks. Maybe we shouldn't have sat right by his butt"
Zachy with the girls
The Chubb Sisters
Having some fun
On our ride
A good picture of all the trees that have been tapped

Time to head back into Montreal


On the way back into the city we decided to go check out Old Montreal.  It was very cool.  Old cobblestone streets and beautiful architecture.

Old Montreal
Old Montreal
The old city hall
Abs and Mum walking the streets
Tall buildings with small streets below
Abs and her Big Poppa
Time for an Ice Cream break
On the way home we passed the Bell Centre (Where the current Canadians play)

On Friday we went to an amusement centre and had some fun on the bumper cars, playing video games and bowling

Zach on the bumper cars
Zach and Grandpa playing a car racing game
Abs trying to win a prize with the claw machine
Playing a bug rig racing game
Go Zach Go
Oh Geez!
Abs playing air hockey with her Dad
Zach and Granny playing a game called "Lost in the Jungle" where they had to shoot giant spiders
More air hockey with Dad
Abs and I playing a shot em game where we were pirates shooting skeletons
Abby and Mum going on a roller coaster ride
Going up
Zach and Grandpa playing air hockey
Whoo Hoo
Time to race cars with Grandpa, Daddy and Abby
Guess who won? legit. Zach!

Time to do some bowling

Zach was in charge of handing people their ball until he dropped on on his foot and then we changed things up a little :)
A mighty throw by Grandpa
Go ball Go
Abs used a little help, which by the scores you'll see in a second worked!
Looking good B
Huge smiles from Zach.  This was his first time bowling and he loved it!
My girl watching the scoreboard
Group Shot
If you look close, Abby was JR2 and won!
More bowling from the big guy
In our second game Zachy tried some new strategy
Big smiles from my girl
Abs and Gran
A big throw from Chrissy (Who won the second game)
Man I look good when I am bowling!
Another nice throw from Granny
Looking good Bri
Don't mess with this guy!

After our fun at the amusement centre we went to a restaurant called Dunn's where I had my first Montreal smoked meat sandwich.  It was AMAZING!!!  No joke.  One of, if not the best sandwich I have ever had!

Notice the sweet bowl of poutine that comes with the sandwich? I love this place!
I think I may frame this picture when we get home!

Keep checking back for more pictures of our adventures in Montreal


Grammee said...

I love to see all the smiles and great time you are all having.

Shauna Ginn said...

Looks like you guys a having an AMAZING time... So good! Love you all, Brian and Anne included. xoxo