Saturday, March 30, 2013

Family Vacation: Ottawa: Museum of Natural History

On Tuesday we decided to check out the Museum of Natural History just across the river from the Parliament Buildings in Hull, Quebec before heading to Montreal

Outside the museum with the Parliament Buildings in the background
A great Family picture. Love it!
And where's there's snow...and Grandpa...there's a snowball fight!
Look closely and you'll see a snowball I am sending Chrissys way
The Parliament Buildings from across the river

And into the Museum...

There were a bunch of cool totem poles
owww scary
Peek a boo
They were huge
The roof beautifully painted
Abs with Granny and Grandpa
Checking out a map
And olden days home
An old market
An old truck
Abs and I in an old Catholic Church
This is a fun picture
Zach framed up
Abs liked this frame
Abs and Granny waiting for the boys

We then headed into the Childrens pavilion.  Lots of fun stuff for the kids to do while seeing things from all over the world!

Getting their passport stamped
Zach showing Grandpa the trains
I am a...I'm not sure.  I thought it was a raccoon but looking closer I am just not sure. Notice Grandpa working the lights and sound booth
The show begins.  It was about the sun and moon
Very dramatic with lots of singing! Hilarious
Abs buying tickets to the show from Granny
Zach driving a bus in Lahore
  Likes to stick his tongue out when he's concentrating
Granny got sent to the back of the bus
Abs driving a taxi
Zach relaxing in the back
Abs driving

And 6 years earlier...

  Abby at 8 months with Chrissy and Anne in that same taxi
"Hello Leonard. Do you like my Bongos?"
Doing some architectural drawings

Abs riding a horse
Time to do some Origami in Japan
Can you guys what we're making?
Granny and Mummy helping out
Hard to see but the kids made Origami Boats
Granny buying stuff from Abby at the market
Sir Zachary Gallimore
A Knight and a Fierce Dragon
A Fairy Princess and her Knight in Shining Armour
Isn't that special
Puppet light show
Very cool
Here's the man behind the magic
Abs playing the Xylophone
  Zach playing and dancing at the same time
Grandpa's turn
Time to head into the pyramids in Egypt
Cool ancient drawings
Abs and Zachy riding a camel...and...6 years earlier...
  Abby at 8 months riding the same camel
Zach setting up shop in the Middle East
Brian "The Iron Sheik" Venables
Granny buying food from the kids in the market
This shot is for Grandad back home. An Austin Mini
The kids driving it
Time to build a brick wall
  All done smiling nice
Zachy riding a motorbike
Looking good boy! Too bad your Mum will never let you ride one :)
Abs riding the motorcycle...and 6 years earlier...
Abs and Chrissy on the same Motorbike
Time for a puppet show.
  A shot from behind the scenes
Watching a movie
We took this shot for Auntie Megs...and 6 years earlier...
Abby in the same clogs for Auntie Megs

Next will be our adventures in Montreal

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Anonymous said...

These pictures are awesome. Looks like so much fun. Miss you all.