Thursday, March 28, 2013

Family Vacation: Toronto and Ottawa

On Saturday we got up and went for brunch with Uncle Art and Auntie Katherine in Toronto

 In the van on the way for brunch
 Uncle Art wrestling with the kids (This was a common theme at brunch)
 Smiling...kinda...with Uncle Art
 Zach just wasn't smiling nice. What a goofball!  Here the kids are with Auntie Katherine and Uncle Art
 Uncle Art is at the bottom of that pile
 More fun with Uncle Art
A great family picture.  The kids loved brunch. So much fun!

After brunch we headed back over to Great Granny and Grandad's for a swim and dinner.  To see some great pictures of our swim check out Abby's blog

Ready to swim with our new goggles
  A quick family picture before dinner. Can you name everyone? I will tell you who everyone is later in another family picture
 Relaxing after an amazing meal at the Mandarin
 Abby showing Uncle Richard how she makes charts
 Brian "The Ladies Man" Venables
 The Ladies just love this guy
 I think someone is a little tired
 Abby just loved snuggling with her Uncle Richard
 4 Generations of Kelly Ladies
 Abs and Zach with Great Granny and Grandad
 First the nice pic with Zach smiling...ish...
Front: Me and Uncle Richard
Middle: Cousin Heather, her boyfriend Dan, Grandpa, Zach, Abby and Great Grandad
Back: Great Granny, Chrissy, Auntie Dianne and Granny
 And now for a Zach pose (He learned this from his Cousin Ally)
 Relaxing after a huge dinner at the Mandarin
 Anne and her brother Richard
 Cousin Heather and Abby became best buddies quickly
 A rose in between two thorns? Poor Granny all squished.
 Here's a great picture of Great Granny and Grandad

After a great visit with the Kelly Family in Toronto it was time to go to Ottawa to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Venables.  The kids were great in the car.  It is about a 4 hour drive from Toronto to Ottawa.
 Zach and Abby making a grand entrance with Great Grandpa at Uncle Greg and Auntie Sue's house
 The kids helping Great Grandma get settled
 Great Grandpa Ted taking Abs for a ride
 Great picture of Chrissy and her Grandma Laura
 A nice picture of Big Bri
 This looks like trouble.  Uncle Greg, Cousin Keith, Grandpa Ted and Brian.  

We had a great night at Uncle Greg's eating and telling stories.  It was awesome to catch up and get to know everyone better!  Lots and lots of laughs around the table!

On Monday morning we got up and decided to go check out the Parliament buildings.  We figured it would be a good thing for the kids to see.  I was very glad we went! We ended up on a 40 minute tour of the building.  Very cool!

 Granny showing the kids the Centennial Flame
 Big smiles in front of the Centennial Flame right in front of the Parliament Buildings
 Gallitown does the Parliament Buildings
 Chrissy and the kids
 Get in here Uncle Greg and Auntie Sue!!!
 Best friends from way back!  Lots of good stories coming from this camp!
 Cool picture of Abby in front of the Peace Tower
 During the tour Abby and Zach got asked to hold a flag for the group to see.  Does anyone know what the flag is a picture of?
 The flag is a picture of the House of Commons
 I am not normally into old architecture and stuff but even I knew this building was beautiful. Very cool inside!
 A picture of Queen Elizabeth
 The roof just outside the Senate
 Flags and names of old Speakers of the House
 This is the Senate.  We weren't able to go into the House of Commons as it was in session 
 Gallitown inside the Parliament Building
 A big group shot outside after the tour
 This picture is for Auntie Sue back home because she likes Whales so much :)

After the Parliament Buildings we went to a St. Herbert (A favorite Restaurant) for a big Venables Family lunch

 Everyone chatting having a good time
Family Picture. From the left: Me, Anne, Auntie Sue, Abby with Great Grandma, Uncle Greg, Zach, Great Grandpa, Brian, Chrissy, Cousin Graham and Cousin Keith

After lunch we went back to spend some time relaxing at Great Grandma's house before our big outing to the Ottawa Senators Game
 Abby reading with Great Grandma
 Zach playing cars in the kitchen
 Abs and daddy playing ipad
 Abs reading to Great Grandpa
 Anne and Bri relaxing
 Granny showing Zachy a few things on her ipad
 A nice smile from the boy
 A nice shot of the kids with their Great Grandparents
 Looking Good!
 4 Generations of Venables
 Zach wanted me to take his picture with his puppy Sydney

Monday night we went to an Ottawa Senators Game.  10 of us!!!! It was so cool seeing a NHL game in a different city.  The game was decent (Ottawa got badly out played) but they still won 3-2 in a Shoot Out over the New Jersey Devils.

 The kids waiting for the bus to come pick us up for the game
 Chrissy and her Grandpa at Scotiabank Place
  I Love this picture! Me and my girl at the game

Before we went on holidays we bought a new camera that has some cool zoom. We were sitting in the second to last row at the end of the building behind the Ottawa net and these are some pictures I got during warm-up

 He is considered a God in Ottawa!
 Brodeur in the far net
 Abby (A good view from our seats)
 The rink
 Brodeur making an awesome save during warm-up
 Granny and Grandpa cheering with Zachy
 The boys cheering at the other end
 The Venables boys concentrating hard on the game. From the left: Graham, Keith, Greg and Ted
 Abs with her Mum and Dad cheering
 Zach loved hanging with the boys!
 2 of the 4 Venables boys. Notice how Ted looks a little scared? It's because at any moment Greg and Brian might start rough housing with him stuck in the middle (Just like the old days)
Mum and Zachy munching on the popcorn

One final thought. Abs filled out a ballet at a bell kiosk when we went in for a chance to win some free Ottawa Gear. Guess what? She Won! She won an Ottawa Senators Touque!  Hilarious.  She was so pumped she won!!!

I will post more pictures form Ottawa and our first few days in Montreal soon...

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