Monday, March 11, 2013

Gallimore Cousins BBQ

On Thursday Chrissy, Steve, Sue and I went to the Brier.  It was a great night out ans pretty cool to be there watching Alberta beat Saskatchewan.

 Chrissy with her Tim's Steeped Tea

On Saturday Zach and I went over to check out the new Golf town in Sherwood Park. I am VERY excited.  Soon they will know me by name!

 Zach with a funny green haired Ian Poulter Roughriders hat
 Zach wearing a kids orange Ricky Fowler hat.  I WILL be buying this for him (To match my orange Ricky Fowler hat :) )

On Sunday night we had the Gallimore Cousins (minus Jen and Adan (who are going to be having  a baby any day now in Trenton, Ontario)) over for a BBQ.  Burgers and Smokies God is so good!

 Burke playing hockey with Zach. I think Burke beat Zach 5 hole!
 Look at the concentration on these kids!
Syd with her Uncle B
 Two of the most beautiful girls in the world in their matching dresses

Then, out of no where, a Nerf gun fight broke out and everyone was in on it!  Sorry.  Some of the pictures aren't great.  Hard to get good pictures when everyone is moving so fast!

 Syd shooting at Uncle Darrell
 Check out the grimace on Syd.  Sue can't stop laughing!
 Zach in the corner using the table as a shield
 Ally running for Nerf bullets
 Burke using the table as a shield
 Uncle Darrell and Zach teaming up
 Zach shooting at Uncle Burke
Ally and Uncle Burke

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