Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Vacation: Toronto Day 1 & 2

Last Thursday we left on a 12 day vacation.  We flew into Toronto to spend some time with the Kelly Family and the plan is to go to Ottawa to visit the Venables family and then to Montreal to spend a week at Grandpa and Granny's new house.  I am posting on day 6 in the living room of Brian and Anne's house.  Today I'll post picture from Toronto on Day 1 & 2.

At the airport ready to board our flight to Toronto.  We got SO lucky.  We missed the huge Edmonton storm by a matter of hours.
The little Captain and his Mum
My seat partner and her baby Bear Bear

The kids were so good on the flight! Made it so easy on us!

After we got to Toronto we went to our apartment to check it out.
 Abby with Grandpa

We then headed over to Granny and Grandad Kelly's Condo to visit and have dinner and dessert

 Granny made the kids a chocolate bunny for dessert
 They loved it!!!
 Mum and Sar
 Cousin Heather
 Abby and Zachy laughing.  Probably at something Grandpa said
 Playing hide and go seek
 This is Zach playing with a toy canon.  This is cool because when Chrissy was this age she played with those same canons in that same apartment. 
 3 Generations
 Add Grandad
 Man those kids love their Grandpa

The next day we got up and went downtown.  First we had lunch with my cousin Rob and then we went to the CN Tower

Cousin Rob, Big Zach and I
 The girls
  The boys

Off to the CN Tower

Granny and Grandpa with the kids in front of the mini CN Tower
 Abs in front of a giant Canadian Moose
 I think Chrissy has a new crush
  Abs over looking Toronto
 Big Zach checking out the view
 Granny and a goofy Zachy
 Speaking of goofballs
 Abs checking out the view from outside
 It sure was windy up there
 Zach and Mum way up high

Time to head to the glass floor.  I tried finding the right setting on the camera but just couldn't. These shots could have been so much better.  Oh well...
 Chrissy and Abs pretending to fall.
 Looking down
 Zach on the floor
 The top of the new aquarium being built at the base of the CN Tower.  Very cool!
 I Love this picture.  Just wish you could see the ground below...
 Looking down
 Abs falling
 Other large buildings in the world
 Grandpa dancing waiting for the elevator to go down
 Abs dancing
 My sweet dance moves
 Abs and Granny dancing
  Abby posing in front of a giant bear in the gift shop

After the CN Tower we headed back to Great Granny and Grandad's for a swim and family time.

 Abby swimming to Grandpa
 Thumbs Up
 Brian is about to get himself in a lot of trouble
 Abby was swimming so well.  Great Grandad would time her going from side to side in the pool.
 Granny and Zachy swimming
 Cousin Heather and Chrissy relaxing in the hot tub
 Zachy resting
 Hanging with Great Grandad
 A big Shark coming after Zachy
 What a great smile from my girl
 Look out!  Her come the Gallitown boys!
 Abby and Grandpa fooling around
 Zach ready to jump...and...
 Here he goes...mid flight...
 And into Daddy's arms
 Back up at Great Granny &  Grandad's relaxing in their jammies
  Heather and Anne tired out after swimming
  Speaking of tired, the big guy is down and out for the count
 Great Granny and Chrissy
 We look like we're deep in thought.  I guarantee we are talking drivers or Golftown!!!

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