Saturday, April 27, 2013

Murtle the Turtle and Zach's Ball Hockey Wk 3

Last night we went over to Mike and Megan's for dinner.  We had a great visit with Aubrey.  Abs just loves tickling Aubrey and making her laugh.  We also had a good last visit with Murtle the Turtle.  Mike had sold his turtle to a nice teacher from out of town for her classroom.  We'll miss the turtle but are happy that a bunch of kids for years to come will be able to take care of and study Murtle.

 Abs and Tucker
 Auntie and Aubs
 Abs tickling Aubrey
 Big Smiles
 Aubrey just loves her older cousin Abby
 Abs with Murtle in the back ground
 Abby and Murtle
 There's a good close up shot of Murtle
 Murtle the Turtle
 Playing in the backyard
 Zach with Murtle
 Tucker chewing on a stick
 Lexi looking on
 Uncle Mike feeding Murtle lettuce
 Murtle eating
 What a hard shell
 Murtle trying to get away from those crazy kids

This morning Zach and Abby had gymnastics and Ball Hockey at the same time.  I went with Zach to BH and Chrissy went with Abs.  Here are few pictures from Zach's 8-0 win.  Zach even hit the post this morning!!!
 Stretching before they start
 More stretches
 Practising their passing
 Stick handling
 Horseshoe drill
 Heading in on net
 Zach got to take the opening face-off

Below is a video of the opening Face-off

 Action shot
 Great job Zach!
 Running for the ball
 Strike a pose. Ready for the ball.
 Big Zach
 Heading into the offensive zone
My little boy is growing up too fast :)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Swimming Lessons

The kids are in swimming lessons again.  The Spring lessons are a great way to get them warmed up for 2 weeks at the beach/lake in Penticton.  
I know it is always a gamble when you sign your kids up for sports what kind of teacher/coach you are going to get.  Most of the time they are pretty good but I need to say that in this round of lessons the kids both got AMAZING teachers.  The young ladies are doing an awesome job and both kids are learning lots and you can actually see a difference each week in their progress.
Here are a few pictures from a few weeks ago of the kids at the pool.

 Zach in the deep pool
 Always big smiles from Zachy
 A big smile from Abs.  I took this picture from across the pool testing the zoom on the new camera.  not too bad considering the bad lighting in the pool
 Zach practising his back float
 Getting ready for a rocket-ship glide
 Up to no good
 Getting some help from the barbel
 Go Zach Go
 Hey there Abs.  What are you up to?
 Back float
 Bobbing around waiting for her turn
 My beautiful girl
 Practising front crawl with the barbel
 More big smiles
 Back crawl time
 All on her own.  Great job Abby
 Man I love that smile
 Talking to the boys (Abby is the only girl in her class)
 What next coach?
 Showing the teacher how many rings her collected
 one, two, three...
 Great job Zach
 Time to put on your scuba mask
 Zach and his boat
 Blowing bubbles
 He loves dunking his head. No fear!
Love to know what is going through his head in this picture!

Great job kids!  Mum and Dad are very proud of you!